Plumbing is certainly one among those things which you don’t prefer doing until it’s too late and things get serious. The average homeowner will know their way through a plunger and what to do with a bottle of drain cleaner but there’s more to it than this plumbing know-how. Unless you know the warning signs which your clogged drain or pipe gives you to call a plumber, you won’t be able to take the required action.

You should know when to pack things in and when you should call a professional. If you are not careful about this, this could cost you several thousand dollars in repair and you will end up in a mess. So, before you call on a plumber, here are few of the telltale signals that you should watch out for.

Sign #1:  Gurgling Sound

Do you hear gurgling sound whenever you use the toilet or switch on the dishwasher or the laundry? If answered yes, this is probably the first sign of a compromised or a clogged drain. In case you find your toilet gurgling even when you’re not using it, this implies that your system is trying to find air and you will most probably have to plan a backup. Whenever you hear this noise while running the washing machine or while taking a shower, turn off the water.

Sign #2:  Hearing the Sound of Water Within Your Pipes

Do you hear the sound of water inside the pipes when noone is using water? If yes, this is a sign of a leak. Do you find brown or wet spots on the ceilings, floors or walls? Touch the wet spot and check if it is warm, it is most likely that the leak will be in your hot water line. You should immediately relay this to a professional plumber who should come and solve this case.

Sign #3:  Extremely Low Pressure of Water

There are times when the lessening of the pressure of water from the bathroom sink or the kitchen faucet is due to nothing but a buildup within the aerator of the faucet. If this is the cause behind low water pressure, you can mend this by screwing off the aerator, cleaning the residue and screwing the faucet back. However, if this doesn’t restore the pressure back to normal, this will mean something graver. Call a pro plumber ASAP.

Sign #4:  Frozen Pipes

During winter, if your pipes are frozen, don’t wait for too long to send in an SOS message. In such cases, you require calling your plumber immediately. The signs of a frozen pipe are water running no longer, weird noises of clanking whenever you turn the tap, odour of sewage coming from the faucet or frost which is visible from the pipes that are exposed. Don’t commit the mistake of thawing the pipes on your own as this can lead to cracks or a full burst.

Sign #5:  Bad Smell or Odor

Do you smell gas anytime whenever you enter a specific room? When you run the dryer or whenever you’re in the kitchen post dinner, do you smell gas? If answered yes, don’t ignore it as you need to call a pro immediately.

Therefore, whenever you face any kind of problems related to plumbing, watch out for the above mentioned telltale signs. Instead of ignoring them, be proactive about calling an expert plumber.

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