Are you considering a much-needed home décor refresh but only have minimal funds?  You’re certainly not alone.  More often than not, our wallets won’t match our decorating plans but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your decorating desires altogether.  Sometimes all a room needs is a mini makeover.  Here, we’re talking you through some simple décor updates that won’t break the bank.

Living Room

If you’re looking for a low-cost upgrade to your living room, why not consider putting up a feature gallery wall.  This can be a great cost-effective way to breathe some life back into your living room. It’s also a great way to add personality.

Plus, with online sites like, you’ll quickly gain access to hundreds of thousands of artists, as well as iconic brands.  Online art sites like this make it easy for you to add a splash of color to your home and will suit every type of budget.

Another option if you feel like your furniture is looking lack-luster is to reupholster existing pieces of furniture in new textiles and fabrics.  This can help you to introduce new colors and patterns and can often help to re-energize a room!

Dining Room

The dining room is typically the jewel of the home.  This is where you entertain your friends and family, so it needs to be a special space.  One of the quickest and most cost-effective was of changing your dining room is to change the overhead lighting.  It’s often easy to find quirky and interesting lighting choices at great prices.


Your bedroom definitely needs that comfort factor, with just a dash of chic to help you enjoy the sweetest of dreams.  A quick bedding upgrade is sometimes all it takes to ditch any bad vibes in your bedroom.  Bedding is also a great way to add extra textures and colour option.


The foyer is always the first thing anyone will see when they enter your home, which is why your foyer definitely deserves a little love.  There are a couple of ways you can spruce up your entryway.  One of your first options is to add decorative wallpaper.  This is often a cheap option if you don’t mind a bit of DIY.


In some properties, a hallway can often feel long and forgotten about.  Due to their narrow nature, this can be a difficult space to decorate.  This is where a gallery wall comes in handy.  As a hallway is a contained space, it’s easy to fill with frames.

When it comes to creating a gallery wall, it’s important that you don’t overthink it.  Pick out a few of your favourite art prints and start hanging frames.  It may be a good idea to look for some inspiration online, so you get the desired finished product.


In a kitchen, a great way to add some color is through greenery.  Houseplants are cheap to buy and easily make a room feel brighter.  Plus, you won’t have to go far when it comes to watering them!




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