My water park experience is finally wearing off, but, boy, did I have fun. I’m a bit of a risk-taker; love the big drops, dark tunnels, and the unknown. The only thing I could have gone without is the water up the nose. But I guess that’s just part of the whole experience. I’ve now calculated how much my experience cost:

  • Entrance for two: $38.98
  • Parking: $15.00
  • Locker rental: $12.00
  • Tube rental (2): $14.00
  • Lunch (we shared a lunch…thankfully we don’t eat much!): $18.00
  • Total: $97.98

Not too bad considering it was hubby’s birthday. However, the coupons we received upon exiting the park are now up for sale on eBay. If we sell all of them, we could recoup $72.00 (that’s almost the cost of our experience).

Now for some Monday morning round-up’s:

  • The Saved Quarter has some information on Free Museum Days in San Fran.
  • WellHeeledBlog with ModernNecessities: But I Need It! version. I personally can’t do without a few things on her list. However, I’d add my bike and Starbucks coffee! 😉
  • The Greeniac Digest with Riding in Circles: Memoirs of a Suburban Upbringing. So many of the personal items in her story rang true with me. Probably because I live in sprawling suburbia and have seen many changes over the last 30-years. (Drats! I just gave away my age.)
  • Len Penzo with 15 Organic Fruits & Veggies that aren’t Worth Paying More For. In my opinion, it’s best to stick with organic for thin-skinned produce. All other kinds you can purchase pretty much anywhere else.
  • Financial Samurai with An Inside Look At The Yakezie: Stage One Recap. Becoming part of this amazing blogger group has really boosted my confidence and inspired me to write captivating posts and reach out to other bloggers. Thanks again, Sam, for this inspiring idea.