The following is a guest post from Melissa at Mom’s Plans.

Homes, even little homes, can cost a lot of money.  Many people work years to save up for a down payment and an emergency fund (because as soon as you buy a house, there will be emergencies).  But then, there are closing costs and realtor’s fees, which can also cost several thousand dollars.  By the time you move into your new home, there is probably little money left for the extras you may need or want in your new home.

One way to pay for little extra treats for yourself or your new home is Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is an Internet search engine, much like Google.  Simply use it during your day when you search the Internet, and occasionally you will be rewarded with Swagbucks, usually under 50 Swagbucks, but sometimes more than that.

Other Ways to Earn Swagbucks

In addition to searching the Internet, you can earn Swagbucks by:

taking daily surveys (short one or two minute one or two questions forms that earn you 1 Swagbuck),

watching snippets of cable shows in categories such as health, food, entertainment and pets and travel

printing grocery store coupons and redeeming them (earn 10 points for each coupon that is redeemed)

trading in your used books and games (Swagbucks pays shipping)

Another great way to earn Swagbucks is to have friends join using your referral link.  For every friend that joins, you earn matching Swagbucks until your friend reaches 1,000 points.  This can multiply your points quickly.

Another great way to earn is to look for freebie codes.  For instance, if you are new to Swagbucks, use the code FINCONF2012 between now and September 28th and earn 80 free Swagbucks.

How to Redeem

Simply let your Swagbucks accrue until you are ready to redeem them for your item.  There are thousands of items to choose from.  If you are looking for small kitchen appliances, you can get a Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker for 11,159 Swagbucks or a Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Maker for 15,999 Swagbucks.  If you need household tools and don’t have as many Swagbucks to spend, you could get a 21 piece ratcheting drill for 849 Swagbucks.

How long will it take to accrue enough Swagbucks for a Keurig?  I won’t lie, it won’t be quick.  I use Swagbucks almost exclusively for my Internet searches, and I earn about 300 to 500 Swagbucks a month.  If you do some of the other tasks that earn you Swagbucks, especially referring friends, you could easily double the number of Swagbucks you earn a month.

It still takes awhile to earn something as expensive as 15,000 Swagbucks, but you aren’t going out of your way to do any extra work; you are simply searching the Internet.

Another alternative might be to redeem your Swagbucks for Pay Pal cash and use that money to buy some of the household appliances you might like.

Have you tried to use Swagbucks before?  What were you able to redeem?


  1. Melly Schug Reply

    Swagbuck is really a good one!
    I must try this opportunity and I might see good result and extra earning!

  2. Barbara Friedberg Reply

    I had heard of swagbucks, but I never knew what it was. I am not a couponer and have trouble keeping track of airline miles, so I don’t think this one’s for me. Sounds good for the right person!

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