As the tongue in cheek title suggests, I’ve recently had some contact with Lahore, Pakistan; a city that was recently brought to my attention. Of course, it wasn’t in some travel brochure or destination I’m planning to visit anytime soon. No, it was instead due to some fraudulent activity on my debit card that brought this city into light for me. Now thankfully, my debit card offers protection against fraudulent charges, even if they know about them before I do.

Here’s how this all came to light for me:

I’ve been incredibly busy lately and haven’t diligently checked my accounts on a daily basis like I normally do. However, one evening I’d realized that it had been a few days since I had checked my accounts and logged on. Lo and behold, there were two identical small-ish charges (in the $20-dollar range) on my debit card that I couldn’t account for. They seemed fishy considering they were identical – that’s what really caught my eye. In the description, though skimpy, I saw Lahore PK. I had no idea what that meant. So I called my bank. The customer service rep quickly dug a little further and asked if I had visited Pakistan recently. Well, no I just haven’t the time to travel to Pakistan. She also mentioned that earlier that day, a charge for over $149 had been tagged as suspicious and was on hold. This was a charge I didn’t even seen on my end. It was also originating from Pakistan.

I quickly put two-and-two together for a total of $197 and asked her to cancel the debit card and reverse the other two charges from Lahore, PK. Grateful that my bank investigates suspicious charges and takes their customers seriously, the small charges were reversed and the large charge never touched my bank account. (Debit card charges are deducted directly from a bank account which makes some people feel too queasy to use them.)

So  you see, debit cards do offer theft protection. However, since I’ve recently switched to using my credit card, I can definitely see the benefits of credit.

Have you caught fraudulent activity on your accounts? How did  your bank respond?