A few years ago, when we were trying to figure out how we could afford a home in Los Angeles, we seriously considered living in a Tuff Shed. I did extensive research on the logistics and what our options were at that time. It turned out, there were quite a few ways we could actually live in a Tuff Shed. Since then, Tuff Shed has really expanded this idea of using their sheds as home offices, guest houses, or vacation homes.

Recently, our friend in Nebraska (FotoBob) took photos of this Tuff Shed pictured below at his local Home Depot. Now, I’m pretty sure that the $2,661 price is the BASE price of the shed and the $9,000 listed in smaller print below in the price tag is the price for THIS version, which would make a pretty cool stand-alone office in the backyard of a home or a guest room.

We purchased a manfactured home last year, so I won’t be moving into a Tuff Shed anytime soon, but I still love the idea of a Tuff Shed vacation home in the future.

Have you added a Tuff Shed to your home?

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