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This is a railway pass that allows non-European residents to travel throughout Europe on the extensive rail network. Review and complete it here. Many trains in Italy and beyond offer a discounted fare between 30% & 50% off the Adult fare for Children. Travel by train through Italy. Lots of Italy rail passes offer pass owner benefits including marked down ferry crossings and even more. Easy booking tool. With flexible and consecutive options to choose from, the M-Pass is easily scanned at the train station to start your journey. • More tips for getting the most out of a rail pass Interrail Pass options for Italy Interrail Italy Pass. While the Trenitalia pass includes the cost of seat reservations, it doesn't cover as many classes of trains as the Eurail option, and its coverage restrictions are confusing. Not for most people — think carefully before buying a rail pass, especially if your trip doesn't extend beyond Italy. Amazing deals on tours, transfers, and more As the digital answer to rail travel, the M-Pass facilitates seamless travel by downloading your pass to your phone. Book Italy train tickets online with ItaliaRail - the Italian train travel specialists. Book a rail pass for various days or a … For customer-service questions, contact them online (or call 800 622 8600, but expect long waits and periods of unavailability at the call desk) — and keep in mind that refund options are fairly limited. Note: An ItaliaPass does not entitle customers to use of passholder fares. Check our general tips for buying point-to-point tickets, Looking Up European Train Schedules and Routes Online. The plan is to use the train 4 days. The child offer is now extended to children ages 4 to 14 years when traveling on high-speed Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, Frecciargento, InterCity, InterCityNotte, EuroCity, and Thello trains. Rail Pass Benefits . Passes provide access to most rail routes and allow hassle-free travel since you won't have to wait in lines at the train station to get tickets. Most Eurail Pass users follow the popular routes through Italy. Europe - Eurail Italy Rail Pass - Eurail Italy Rail Pass.. is it a good deal? Use this map to add up approximate pay-as-you-go fares for your itinerary, and compare that cost to the price of a rail pass for the number of days you expect to spend on the train. There are multiple pass options to choose from - for example: a Eurail Global Pass that covers all 28 countries, a pass that covers four bordering countries, or regional passes that can cover one, two, or three countries. • The basics on choosing among rail passes Your child will be assigned his/her own seat and children must be accompanied by an Adult when traveling on this offer. By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button below you acknowledge that passholder fares may only be used in combination with a valid Eurail Pass or Interrail Pass. Train-Fare Maps: How Much Would You Pay Without a Pass? Italy Rail Pass Advantages. Travel by train to classic Italian cities, seaside villages and even around the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Offers you extensive rail travel in Italy and its islands. July 1 Rome to Naples. The Eurail Italy Pass is the most comprehensive way to explore Italy. see our FAQ. Even with a Eurail pass, you still need to pay a little extra to ride the fastest trains on the main routes connecting Italy's bigger cities. Discover Italy by train. It is not good on private rail lines such as the Italo high-speed trains or smaller private regional lines such as those in Puglia or between Naples and Sorrento. Map shows approximate costs, in $US, for one-way, second-class tickets. You can buy passholder seat reservations at train stations and major travel agencies, reserving several key trains in one visit. Take as many trains as you want on each travel day. We're official agents for rail and bus operators in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. All train stations are centrally located in the city centres, no long airport transfers needed. Changing your currency will remove all items in your cart. Are you sure you want to continue? Discover the M-Passes. (Dashed lines show ferry routes. Operated by JR Kyushu, the train is called 36+3, a nod to the fact that Kyushu is the 36 th largest island in the world, as well as the fact that the number 39 (36+3) is pronounced san-kyu, similar to “thank you” in English. Pass-unfriendly countries: For almost any inter-city journey to, from or within France, Italy, Sweden, Spain & Portugal, a reservation has to be made and a fee paid, which you can reckon as €10 per train. Avoid train-station ticket lines whenever possible by using the, If you do use the ticket windows, be sure to stand in the, You can buy train tickets (and make seat reservations) at major. Italy Rail Passes Italy's trains have always been some of the least expensive means of getting around compared to just about any country in western Europe. Enjoy flexible ticket changes Roundtrip tickets are not available using a Eurail Pass or InterRail Pass. Only cancelled and issued again appling the penalty above. Explore Italy with the popular Interrail Italy Pass! Rail Europe sells tickets across Europe and our coverage is increasing all the time. Infants & Children 3 & under travel for free and will share a seat with the adult companion. All this with just 1 rail pass. Includes rail maps and other train travel planning tools and information. 80,000+ routes. Only non-European residents are eligible to buy one of these. Engage in La Dolce Vita, feast on giant bowls of pasta and taste aromatic wines while passing through the dazzling Italian landscapes! For first-class fares, add 50 percent. Most high-speed and long-distance trains require seat reservations. *Anyone who lives outside Italy can also opt for a Trenitalia Pass, which costs roughly the same as the Italy Eurail Pass (but price tiers are based on the number of journeys covered, not calendar days). Few travelers are likely to find the pass to be worth the money, and even fewer will find it worth the time it takes to be absolutely sure. ►Rail Europe shopping cart: Have an order underway? Rail Passes are an excellent value if you want flexibility, if you plan to travel extensively throughout one or several countries, or if you plan to cover long distances during your travels. Dedicated travel coordinator (for the best service, book at least 2 weeks in advance). The Eurail Global Pass is the result of special cooperation between 28 European railways in order to offer discounted rail travel to non-European residents. Explore Italy with the Trenitalia Pass Discover the Trenitalia Pass, the new travel experience specifically dedicated to foreign citizens residing outside Italy, allowing them to visit Italy, starting from €129. Up to 2 children ages 0-11 can travel free with each adult • Answers to frequently asked rail-pass questions, Eurail Global Pass (33 countries) → read more about this pass. There’s a rail pass that includes Italy along with 22 other countries on one pass.

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