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Using the same theme for an entire month will save you a lot of time and energy while setting up your layouts. Fruits and vegetables are one of those themes that I believe are solely underrated but always phenomenally beautiful. Community Spirit Month. Share in the comments below! Related: Christmas Bullet Journal Themes to Try. Additionally, floral themes can be decorative for pages, or specifically implemented as part of a layout. You can keep a similar look for each page, with each page showing the same doodles and designs. Typically an individual will pick a very broad theme; such as a fruit. You’d be amazed at how a black fineliner pen and a small ruler can make some stunning bujo pages. Farm, Feelings. Here are some fun ideas to try in your layouts! Hey there! See below for each month’s themes to gain ideas on theme planning for a fun and engaging learning center! If you’re not certain, you may have to experiment to see what method you prefer. Autumn Themed Stationery: Halloween washi tape , fall planner stickers , fall trees and leaves washi tapes , woodling creatures washi tape , mushroom washi roll stickers . For more information, read my disclosure.). I’ve Got Your Back Month: Encouraging safe workplace habits with a focus on employees looking out for each other. Here are two examples of layouts that have the same theme design between different spreads. Have different departments choose a country and begin setting up an Office olympics extravaganza. This list ensures you will NEVER run out of monthly theme ideas for your bullet journal. I just did it for my last month, and it was a blast! Preschool Themes by Month Face-to-Face Month where everyone is encouraged to put down their smart phones and communicate in person…you know, like real humans. Encourage everyone to generate “extra inch” ideas that will make a consistent difference to your workplace culture or customer service. Everybody has a favorite, too! The concept is actually really straightforward and can help you plan out … January Preschool Themes with Lesson Plans and Activities. Yup, an entire month of high-fiving whenever something good happens to remind people to celebrate the small successes. Hold walk-n-talk meetings and encourage everyone to use the stairs, walk during breaks and lunches, and stretch regularly at their desks. Go the Extra Mile Month. Then, choose a meal that fits the theme. Holidays are often a great idea to adorn a monthly theme as there are so many different directions you can go for decoration and design! More minimalist themes will require fewer supplies. It's a Small World - An International Potluck with specialties from around the world creates a bold, … Our fun preschool theme lesson plans are easy–to–use with lots of hands on activities. There are thousands of fun theme days you can celebrate in your workplace. Required fields are marked *. Email is on it's way to your inbox right now! “Yes and…” Month where everyone must always use the phrase, “Yes, and…” instead of  “but” or no” when debating and sharing ideas. On average, a monthly layout will include these components: Related: How to Set Up Your Monthly Theme In Your Bullet Journal. Similarly, you could dedicate an entire month to every holiday! Party Themes for Dementia Care. All of these themes celebrate the seasons plus an awareness of the world around preschoolers. Theme months can be an effective way to foster a continuous improvement mindset and a simple way to create traditions that will strengthen your culture, form better working habits, or simply add a bit of fun to your workplace. Go for the gold at the office with an Olympic office party theme this month. Your email address will not be published. Additionally, there are so many different kinds. What are your favorite themes in your bullet journal? Honestly, as much or as little as you want. This huge list of monthly theme ideas for your bullet journal is the perfect way to jumpstart your creativity and planning. What are your favorite foods? Just click each button. Family Matters Month. Use thematic unit studies to engage children in learning. Have a favorite movie, character, or book you admire greatly? Theme … Everything is done without reference to specific holidays. Themes are timeless and many can be used for literally any month you want (Christmas in July, anybody?). Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where a particular theme fits in, and that’s ok! Helpful hints. What are some of your favorite things to do? Keep in mind that if you don’t live in the United States, you may find that this list doesn’t correspond to your country’s calendars. Michael Kerr is a Canadian Hall of Fame Speaker, highly in-demand international keynote speaker, and the creator of the Culture Leadership Online Academy. They can be full of leaves, either green or colored for autumn. Make sure to check out these fun (but not boring) minimalist bullet journal monthly theme ideas! Theme parties are the best homemade fun there is! I think plants are a huge favorite in the bullet journal community. Go with a seasonal theme, a holiday-inspired theme, or a just-for-fun theme. Assign each of your company values to a specific month and challenge everyone to live that value in outrageously loud ways. Pi Day(March 14) - Celebrate this great mathematical constant with a mini pie bar including pre-made mini pie crusts in aluminu… What is your favorite holiday? Flower themes are always popular because there are hundreds of flower choices to choose from. Something to Snore About Month! New Year’s Day Betsy Ross’s birthday, 1752 2. Pop Art. No matter what you choose, there are many inspirational bullet journal monthly theme ideas to try out for this category! The most epic part about bullet journal themes is that: I’ve seen amazing compositions that include elements from two, three, or even MORE theme ideas combined. Then each spread will feature different types of fruit, allowing the individual to have a little more variety within the spreads while keeping the overall theme consistent. The sweet spot in the middle is to create different themes for each month, or less common, each week. Name Tag Month. Here are some of my favorite tools to add a little color and flair! If you have an idea, I encourage you to just go for it! Whether you are a homeschool mom, adding monthly theme activities to your week, or you are a classroom teacher you’ve come to the right place. Working on Purpose Month: A month dedicated to celebrating the ultimate reason(s) your organization exists. Just, you know, don’t make it look so delicious you want to eat your page! Examples of mixing and matching themes include: There is no wrong way to create bullet journal spreads. Often combining multiple elements provides an element of uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else. Coming Soon to a Theater Near You. Value of the Month. This day is a great excuse to have a cook-off, chili trivia contest, and recipe swap. Those fun and engaging learning activities are the delivery methods we use to teach the standards, and the themes are the glue that sticks everything together. Anticipation Month where everyone is encouraged to look for ways they can better anticipate their customers’ needs and questions. More Than Ten Years’ Worth of Free Printables and Montessori-Inspired Activities. High Five Month. check out the tools you need if you’re going to have a bullet journal, Journaling – How to Start & Choosing One to Inspire you. I am one of them! The truth is that the standards, guidelines— or whatever you call them, are the actual framework for teaching. I’m Cheryl, a preschool teacher of over 20 years. Creating a bullet journal collection of themes you’d like to try for various spreads will help you avoid the “what am I going to create today?” conundrum commonly faced by people who choose this method. Honestly, this list doesn’t even scratch the surface on all of the potential fun ideas you could create for your bullet journal. Bullet Journal Flower Theme Butterfly Theme for Bullet Journals It can be a great way to learn about a general topic and then each week dig deeper into that concept. (This article contains affiliate links. If you plan events for your office, figuring out themes is a burden. The sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor themes- literally! BarkBox is a monthly adventure, starring you and your dog! From the country to the city, you can create replicas of your favorite places. Sometimes finding ideas to try for your bullet journal can be the most challenging aspect of creating a bullet journal. If you have no supplies and want a starting point, then check out the tools you need if you’re going to have a bullet journal. Have everyone where a “Hello My Name is ____” name tag for an entire month to encourage people to remember and use everyone’s name and engage with each other in a different way (and trust me, based on experience, they will!). From ubiquitous Hawaiian Shirt Days to Third Person Thursdays (where everyone refers to themselves in the 3rd person) to Monochromatic Day (Argus Industries celebrates this one – where everyone dresses only in black and white), the possibilities are limitless. You will not be disappointed if you try these for a monthly theme! January. What’s your favorite drink? A new theme, original toys, and healthy treats every month. Theme Day Ideas for the Month of January. If you have a bunch of fruit in your bullet journal spread, you have a ‘fruit theme’. Just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean you can’t do it. October – 2016.10-October Theme Sheet-Future-The Practice of Visioning. Draw one animal, draw multiple animals (think ocean animals or even jungle animals), or draw a bunch of random animals! Go the Extra Inch Month. January is a great time to think and explore winter. A fun way to bring these experiences to life is to create a bullet journal theme with them! Generate a list of potential themes so you can keep them going indefinitely. These 12 inspirational bullet journal monthly theme ideas will help provide some direction and motivation. Laugh For No Reason Month: Encourage people to remember the power of laughing for no reason as a simple but effective way to lower their stress. The nice part about this option is this is less complicated than the other two while maximizing the potential for creativity. Why not include them in your bullet journal? January Themed Activities for Kids. View our monthly preschool curriculum for ages 2.5 to 6 years. If you have a bunch of fruit in your bullet journal spread, you have a ‘fruit theme’. Here are a few examples of different spreads that both have the same ‘theme’. In fact, if you felt really ambitious, you could probably dedicate each month of the entire year with holiday themes! This list only covers a small sampling of all the potential flowers you can create in your bullet journal (or, draw them all in a beautiful garden!). Going camping? Offer a prize at the end of the month to whoever does something that goes the extra mile with their internal or external customer service. With a new theme every month, each BarkBox opens up to a whole new world. Dates: 1. Here is the miscellaneous section, where everything else you could possibly imagine for themes land. I think it’s also popular because flowers can look realistic or abstract. presentation – no small accomplishment!”, Martine Rothblatt, CEO, United Therapeutics, “Our participants rated you as the speaker with the highest quality and relevance.”, Lana J. Larocque, Alberta Human Resources, MICHAEL KERR Here are some ideas to consider for your bullet journal spreads! So what is a bullet journal theme, anyway? Use your calendars to give monthly or seasonal advice, which can add value to your … This January Preschool Themes Page is full of activities for winter fun and learning. Gratitude Month: Encourage everyone to keep a gratitude journal for one month where they list the small things at work and in life they are grateful for. From on the ground to in the air, here on Earth to far away in the galaxy, there are tons of great potential themes to consider in this category. Every month, September through June, UUCF explores a different theme – in worship, small groups and in our Religious Exploration (RE) programs.Many readings, quotes and other resources come from Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a group of more than 130 Unitarian Universalist congregations that follow the same monthly worship themes and share worship and religious education theme resources. A List of Monthly Preschool Theme Units There are so many monthly themes to choose each month depending on … A bullet journal theme is basically the ‘design’ of the layout. Access my Theme Sequence using the button below to see what month I teach each theme. A bullet journal is a marvelous way to keep your planning in full force all year … Flowers can literally be any color you desire. Instead, they prefer to be creative and do whatever they please. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. But why not do a deeper dive and create theme months for your workplace: an entire month dedicated to a certain topic related to your workplace culture, business or customer service you want to focus on. So, what do you need on hand to create these amazing inspirational bullet journal monthly theme ideas? Most companies plan an end-of-year or holiday party, but don't be afraid to throw in other un-holidays to liven up the seasons. Need more theme ideas that are a bit more minimalist like these? Party Planner: Carrie Baker of Carrie Baker Events. Thank you for sign up! Although I haven’t seen many people do this much, you can always choose one theme for your ENTIRE bullet journal. On the other hand, more colorful and detailed themes may require more supplies, such as colorful fineliners and markers. january 2015 – a brand new you sunday topics: jan. 04 “a new birth” – john 3:1-8 jan. 11 “a new heart and a new spirit” – psalm 51:10 jan. 18 “a new you” – 1 corinthians 5:17 february 2015 – from bondage to freedom sunday topics: feb. 01 “from bondage to freedom” – luke 4:18-19 […] Monthly Theme Units Printables and Worksheets: Theme Units January Theme Units : February Theme Units : March Theme Units ... November Theme Units : December Theme Units : Popular School Printable Themes Halloween : President's Day : Valentine's Day : Chinese New Year : Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme Unit : Penguins Theme Unit : Christmas If you’re not sure where to start looking, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Google are great choices for inspirational bullet journal monthly theme ideas. Monthly Culture-building Themes. These monthly theme resources include lesson planning for handwriting pages, hands-on activities, printable charts, games, mini-books, activities, crafts and so much more! Heading off to school? I never have to look far to find beautiful and unique plant theme layouts. Plus you can make the corresponding trackers and collections for the holidays in the month! Eco-Habits Month: A concerted all-hands-on-deck approach to reducing waste and saving energy in your office. They serve to reinforce social bonds and provide a most welcome break from the routine. You can draw the different components of a tree, such as the roots, branches, leaves, and stumps. Should you choose to try out a mythical monthly theme, there are so many fun ideas to draw inspiration from! Monthly Themes for Preschool. I highly recommend him!”. National Chili Day(Last Thursday in February) - Many of us love a good bowl of chili in the winter.

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