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Tip: When Spot is selected and Focus Area is set to either Flexible Spot or  Expand Flexible Spot while Spot Metering Point is set to Focus Point Link, the spot metering point can be coordinated with the focus area. You can extend battery life by providing a. Sets whether or not to display the face detection frame when [Face Priority in AF] is set to [On]. This helps reduce noise from the wind during video recording. Next Sony A6600 and The Function Menu (Fn) – How To Use and Customize… The higher the bit-rate, the higher the picture quality. What to Expect from Sony? In this video I will show you how to setup the Sony A6600 for Back Button Auto Focus. Remember that when you shoot at high shutter speeds with a large diameter lens attached, the ghosting of a blurred area may occur, depending on the subject or shooting conditions. Rear Sync tells the flash to fire right before the shutter closes. This balance variation may cause the black color in the subject to appear different when cameras are switched. 100p 100M: Records high-speed movies in 1920×1080. I have this range set between 100-3200 as this range is virtually noise-free, and I don’t like the ISO performance above 3200. ([On]/[Off]). I have it set to red, as this contrasts nicely with most scenes you capture. Sony A7R IV Tutorial – Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Manual Mode, and Bulb Mode Explained Previous Sony A6600 vs Sony A6400 vs Sony A6100 – Which Camera is for You? Required fields are marked *. Ideal for action scenes where there is a lot of movement going on in your frame. (June 2019) June 19, 2019 — 0 Comments. (OFF/2 Sec/5 Sec/10 Sec). I’ve never used it personally, but some people might find this setting interesting as it can prolong battery life. You can select at which ISO value you’d like to capture your image or change the Auto ISO range. In spot or center, the Sony A6600 only considers what is in that spot or the center (per example, if your subject is completely black, the camera will try to compensate by overexposing the image). When it is set to High, you can continue shooting even when the temperature of the camera gets hotter than normal. (if not, you run the risk of getting paint-like, smeared images at higher ISO values). The temporary left/right selection is canceled when you perform the following operations, etc. You can see a focus indicator on-screen or EVF. If you want to pair the Sony A6600 and smartphone in order to use the location information interlocking function, refer to “Loc. You can set how long to hold the magnified area during MF assist. AF Point AF Area: If you switch to portrait mode, the A6600 will automatically move the AF point and AF area in use up. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The size of the metering circle can be selected from Spot: Standard and Spot: Large. Manual: Performs the SteadyShot function according to the focal length set using “SteadyS. Pre-AF by default was normally set to OFF on previous models. It does not control exposure but just warns you that your highlights are blown out. Cine2: Similar results to [Cine1] but optimized for editing with up to 100% video signal (equivalent to HG4600G30), Cine3: Stronger contrast between dark and light image areas and greater emphasis on black gradation changes (compared to [Cine1] and [Cine2]). I used to use it on the a6400. Black & White: For shooting images in black and white monotone. Set the mode dial to M (Manual Exposure). Under these conditions, a dynamic range of 1,300% is obtained with 90% reflectance white. This setting does not only enhance the apparent vividness of colors but also can express deep, dark colors. Rumors, Sony. 88. I have it set halfway at around 75, and it is a very useful indication of correct exposure of the entire scene. Selects where the Sony A6600 will store newly captured images. Displays the MAC address of your Sony ILCE-A6600. Another important fact is that in Movie mode, only Continuous AF and MF are available. Leave ON. 60p 25M/50p 25M: Records movies in 1920×1080 (60p/50p). When ISO Auto is used, the ISO value automatically changes to achieve the appropriate exposure using the aperture value and shutter speed you have set. As a characteristic of S-Log3, the dynamic range can be extended above 1,300%. It allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene. Entire Screen Avg. Sets the initial magnification scale when playing back enlarged images. If the aperture value and shutter speed you have set are not suitable for adequate exposure, the ISO value indicator will blink. Sony sporadically releases updates with new features, so it might be worth checking if any new firmware versions are available. You can choose 3:2 (which uses the full sensor surface), 16:9 (crop but a more broad view) or 1:1 for Instagram. It’s also possible to assign a button for what is called ‘Focus Hold’. I would suggest a Godox, as these can both use HSS and TTL, and are quite cheap. Cine4: Stronger contrast than [Cine3] in darker image areas. Tutorials. The aperture value can be changed during movie recording, a technique that will be familiar to videographers. If it occurs, you can correct it by adjusting the Black Level to make the black color look the same. Setting Effect ON (default setting and Intelligent Auto, Superior Auto, Sweep Panorama, Movie or Scene Selection): Displays Live View in conditions close to what your picture will look like as a result of applying all your settings. This makes it one of the fastest and most reliable AF systems in the world. Bracket Order: Sets the order of exposure bracketing and white balance bracketing. Bracketing is taking a series of pictures, each with different settings, useful for combining your images with various exposures for HDR effects in software afterward, to name just one example. It produces an image with optimal brightness and recovered shadow detail. How to transfer pictures from the camera to a computer using a standard USB connection. Prior to the new AF Tracking, I would normally recommend people to use a Wide or Zone AF area and only use Lock-on AF Areas when obstacles might appear in front of the subject. I’m really looking forward to your lens guide. Choose whether to have folder names in standard form (DSC) or create a new one by date. Registered images are displayed with the DPOF mark. Sony news in your inbox. This can even be set up to continue pushing images after the camera has turned off. Cont. The Sony A6600 has a range of built-in lens compensation functions. I don’t make any adjustments here. Whole Screen: Uses the entire monitor as the touchpad. Sets whether to allow the focusing frame to jump from one end to the other when you move the focusing frame with Focus Area set to Zone, Flexible Spot, or Expand Flexible Spot. If a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the aperture value on the shooting screen blinks. You can either set the white balance to Auto, where the camera tries to guess what the neutral grey value is, or use one of the preset white balance settings for different lighting conditions or customize the white balance according to your preference or using a grey card. Smaller F-value: The subject is in focus, but objects in front of and beyond the subject are blurred (what is called Bokeh). S-Log2 [S-Log2] gamma curve. The product shoots images continuously while the shutter button is pressed. Yes the Sony A6600 has an electronic front curtain shutter! 60p 50M/50p 50M: Records movies in 1920×1080 (60p/50p). This function is useful when you want to move the focusing frame from one end to the other quickly. Aperture and Shutter speed are always available. Using an external flash is helpful when shooting weddings and dimly-lit subject matter, You can use your main flash to light the subject, and your external flash to light the background. Distant landscapes also stand out more. The best of what Sony has to offer on iOS or Android. TC Format: Sets the recording method for the time code. Like when you use a third-party Flash, such as a studio flash, Live View Display may be dark for some shutter speed settings. WB Bracket: Shoots a total of three images, each with different color tones according to the selected settings for white balance, color temperature, and color filter. (Off, 80%, 90%). In multi, it considers the whole frame and sets exposure according to internal algorithms programmed in camera. It allows for better reproduction of gradations in shadows and the mid-tone range than S-Log2. Format the memory card once you’ve inserted it in the camera. Audio: LPCM. It is now also possible to save your camera settings to a memory card and recall them later (or on a different camera). MENU – purple camera icon – page 4 – e-Front Curtain Shut – desired setting ON or OFF. This becomes the standard range that can be received by a general household TV. Bracket: Shoots images while holding the shutter button down, each with different degrees of brightness. They are therefore displayed in low contrast during shooting and may be difficult to monitor, using [Gamma Disp. The aperture is automatically adjusted to obtain proper exposure. It is always useful to try some of these and can be a real boost for your creativity, as you will notice that you make different images in say black-and-white as opposed to color. The maximum value of video output is 106%. There’s a lot to like about this camera, but a few other things are frustrating, too. Leave it ON as there is no way of duplicating this process in post-production, except to take a black frame of the same length in the same atmospheric conditions. Your Sony A6600 shares the connection information for [Send to Smartphone] and [ Connection Info.] ]and Custom Key PB. UB Time Rec: Sets whether or not to record the time as a user bit. If you want to simulate an old film, or capture winter morning fog, the black level value should be increased. You can adjust the audio recording level while checking the level meter. Focus Point Link: The spot metering position coordinates with the focus area. Location information obtained by your smartphone using GPS, etc., will be recorded when shooting images. Assist] can also be applied when playing back movies on the camera’s monitor/viewfinder. Faces)]. Select the function that you want to adjust using the top/bottom/left/right side of the control wheel, and press the center to adjust the function to the desired setting. Outputs still image in 4K resolution to an HDMI-connected TV that supports 4K. However, this is an optical illusion. This feature appeared in the A6600 and allows the user to take a spot meter reading from the position of the Spot AF point. only using the electronic shutter. Toy Camera: Creates a soft image with shaded corners and reduced sharpness. A lower set value increases luminance, making the color look paler. Because Detail makes image edges wider, the original texture of a subject consisting of very fine lines may be lost if too much detail processing is applied. The shutter speed can be changed while recording movies. However, in certain circumstances (when you know what you are going to capture) it is better to select the appropriate scene yourself, as it takes the guessing work out of the equation. This article provides information on how to transfer pictures and videos through different connections to a computer and troubleshoot problems. 50i 17M(FH): Records movies in 1920×1080. Sunset: For shooting the beautiful red of the setting sun. (DPOF stands for Digital Print Order Format). Larger F-value: The subject and its foreground and background are all in focus. The first dial close to the flash unit is the camera mode dial. Movies with S-Log gamma are assumed to be processed after shooting in order to make use of the wide dynamic range. A zoom is less suited to this kind of photography; best use a prime, fast lens. I typically start wide and only come down in size if I am trying to avoid picking up subjects that are nearer to the camera than my primary subject. Check what version of the operating system your camera and the lens is running. Unlike Black Level, Black Gamma Level adjusts luminance subtly. The Eye AF function can also be used by assigning Eye AF to a custom key. When Right/Left Eye Select is set to Right Eye or Left Eye, you can switch the eye to be detected by pressing the custom key to which you have assigned the Switch Right/Left Eye function. How to record slow motion movie on the Sony A6600: Record Setting: Selects the frame rate of the movie. Touch Panel+Pad: Activates both the touch panel operations when shooting with the monitor and touchpad operations when shooting with the viewfinder. This is a useful failsafe to prevent you from shooting images without the ability to save them. Diag. You can move the focusing frame to a preassigned position temporarily using a custom key. If you want to change the device that is permitted to connect, reset the connection information. Select how the camera will arrange captured pictures in the viewing browser. Sets whether to release the shutter even if the subject is not in focus when Focus Mode is set to Single-shot AF, DMF or Automatic AF and the subject is still. Think of this menu as an Instagram app right in your Sony A6600, with all kinds of retro filters and effects. You can turn Off this confirmation here if you wish. It automatically is switched off when you fully press the shutter. Normally select Off. Fast: Sets the AF drive speed to fast. Does not adjust the exposure when you press the shutter button halfway down. On: Uses Auto Slow Shutter. I’m desperately trying to find that function but can’t see it on the a6600. AF-A: AF Automatic intelligently switches between S and C, depending on whether the camera detects movement or not. This eBook is 170 MB so may take several minutes to download. Sets whether to save still images stored in both the camera and the computer during PC Remote shooting. Timecode (TC) and the user bit (UB) information can be recorded as data attached to movies. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: Our site is not optimized for your current browser. TIP: Panorama size (standard or wide) and panning direction can be changed in the MENU. Under these conditions, a dynamic range of 1,300% is obtained with 90% reflectance white. : Creates an image in black and white with rich gradation and reproduction of details. Try the USB sockets in your car, a solar charger, a USB power bank, a computer or a wall adapter to charge. The Sony A6600 is a new version of the mostly identical A6500 from 2016, adding a big NP-FZ100 battery with over twice the capacity of the old NP-FW50, but paradoxically removing the critical built-in flash.I'll presume this is as the A6600 is optimized for all kinds of video shooting rather than the still shooting I … A fail-proof way of getting the Sony A6600 to focus on what you want. It also sets the number of seconds until the shutter is released if using the self-timer. (Off or On), Aspect: Sets the aspect marker display. [Left Eye]: The left eye of the subject (the eye on the right side from the photographer’s perspective) is detected. The go-to mode if you can’t shoot fast-moving subjects, by manually adjusting the shutter speed. Set the camera to the shooting mode, hold down the key to which. If set to Off, you won’t be able to engage the shutter when there is no SD card in the slot. However, Picture Profile is set to a dynamic range of 1,300% in order to maintain a balance with the camera performance. DRO Bracket: Shoots a total of three images, each at a different degree of D-Range Optimizer. Aber. RAW images recorded with this camera have a resolution of 14 bits per pixel. Allows you to adjust the aperture and shoot, for example when you want to blur the background (large aperture like f/1.8), or want a sharp corner-to-corner image (around f/5.6-f/8). See this as a more advanced iAuto mode, as you’ll be able to change all other settings through the touch screen (Focus area, creative style, exposure compensation,…); tip: lower the automatic ISO range to 100-1600 for better image quality (ISO-Auto range in MENU SYSTEM). However, the resolution is limited to 12 bits in the following shooting modes: A jpeg is a compressed image (available in FINE (larger) and STANDARD (smaller, less quality) which takes up less space on your SD card but is less suited for editing afterward. 24p 50M: Records movies in 1920×1080 (24p). (obtaining location information icon) will be displayed on the monitor of the camera. You should do this as quickly as possible, just to get it out of the way. I recommend switching this to OFF if you are more interested in shooting action/sports rather than selfies. Clear: For shooting images in clear tones with limpid colors in highlight, suitable for capturing radiant light. Allows you to shoot indoor shots without using the flash and reduces subject blur. You can set whether the dials and wheels will be locked by pressing and holding the Fn (Function) button. PC Remote: Uses “Remote Camera Control” to control this product from the computer, including such functions as shooting and storing images on the computer. This setting allows you to register up to 3 often-used modes or product settings to the product and up to 4 (M1 through M4) to the memory card. Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers are connected in MTP, and their unique functions are enabled for use. This shortens the time lag between shutter releases. TC Run: Sets the count up format for the time code. TC Make: Sets the recording format for the time code on the recording medium. With this mode, the focus switches smoothly when the subject to be focused is changed. This setting is selected when some grading work will be performed after recording. 1080i: Outputs signals in HD picture quality (1080i). Center: Focusses on whatever is centered on your images. Captures a chosen scene in a movie to save as a still image. This preset accentuates the skin tones softly (you can select skin softening for all Modes in the Menu system too). You can focus on the subject more accurately using auto-focus by magnifying the area where you want to focus. Rich-tone Mono. Set the focus area to the desired position and then hold down the Fn (Function) button. Posterization: Creates a high contrast, abstract look by heavily emphasizing primary colors, or in black and white. Do you know if it’s still on the a6600 and how to reach it? Refer to the website when you set up your camera. mode. MENU – Red Camera Icon – page 11 (Color, White Balance, and Image processing settings page 1), Your email address will not be published. Wireless: Select wireless is if you want to trigger an external flash like the Sony with a hotshoe trigger. To use the location information linking function of the Sony A6600, you need the PlayMemories Mobile application on your smartphone and transfer an image to your smartphone to test the connection, Confirm that the Bluetooth function of your smartphone is activated. The exposure is set so that 18% reflectance gray video is output as 41%. Interval Shooting: Sets whether to perform interval shooting. Self-timer(Cont): Shoots a designated number of images using the self-timer after a designated number of seconds have elapsed since the shutter button was pressed. This is also suitable for capturing image material to be modified with a computer. You can register various functions for shooting. Off: Deactivates all touch operations. You can start or stop recording movies by pressing the shutter button, which is bigger and easier to press than the Movie button. This function adjusts how much detail is applied to the subject’s image edges. First, select whether to set the knee point and slope automatically or manually in [Mode] and then adjust each setting. August 24, 2019 — 0 Comments. You can assign the desired functions to the following keys. Two other settings are available which use digital zoom (cropping of the original image). The camera is likely to latch on to a subject before you have identified which subject you would like to track. A higher set value lowers luminance while deepening the color. Right 1/2 Area: Uses only the right half of the monitor as the touchpad. If you’re somewhat overwhelmed by this large post, I would suggest that you use the search function in a browser like Chrome at first to find the subject you are actually looking for. (Like when using an adapter with vintage lenses). It improves compatibility with external devices by limiting the functions of the USB connection. However, in certain circumstances (when you know what you are going to capture) it is better to select the appropriate scene yourself, as it takes the guessing work out of the equation. ITU709 ITU709 gamma curve (low-light gain of 4.5). Shoots the entire range of scenery in sharp focus with vivid colors. Activate [Location Information Linkage] on the [Location Information Linkage] setting screen of PlayMemories Mobile. Suitable for capturing stills. As an image effect, you can emphasize the color black to create an image that gives a powerful impression, or you can weaken black to give the image a soft impression. Normal: Sets the AF drive speed to normal. A little bit of background: The A6600 was the last A6000 series camera that used the ‘PlayMemories Apps’. Transfer pictures and videos from your camera to a computer or mobile device, Applicable Products and Categories of This Article, Transfer pictures from a digital camera to a computer with a USB connection. You can compensate for the exposure using the front or rear dial. Leven between -7 and +7. Always: Starts movie recording when you press the MOVIE button in any mode. If you are looking for training on the basics of photography as well as more advanced lessons on the Sony A6600, check out my Crash Course here: This mode automatically detects the type of scene you’re shooting and adjusts the scene automatically. Two other settings are available which use digital zoom (cropping of the original image). Novice users should set into AF-A. Pairing up the 1.1 pound Sony a6600 and 1.3 pound E 70-350mmis a relatively lightweight and compact 2.4 pound kit considering the full-frame equivalent focal length goes from 105mm to 525mm. You can send one or several images directly to your wireless device (phone or tablet) by pressing this button. If you want to review your image, you can simply press play to do so. Used when [Gamma] is set to [S-Log3]. It is now possible to limit the choice of focus areas you have to cycle through to find the one you are looking for. You can express the movement of a moving subject in various ways by changing the shutter speed, for example, at the instant of motion with a high-speed shutter, or as a trailing image with a low-speed shutter. Simply press the custom key to switch the settings quickly and release the key to go back to the original settings. iAuto and Superior Auto detect these scenes automatically for you and applies the presets it deems best and does an excellent job at that. Older devices that are not able to connect to the Sony A6600 might work when set to single. Square Grid: Square grids make it easier to confirm the horizontal level of your composition. Accentuates the skin tones softly. This function sets the knee point and slope for video signal compression to prevent over-exposure by limiting signals in high-intensity areas of the subject to the dynamic range of your Sony A6600. Sets the area to be used for touchpad operations when shooting with the viewfinder. This is a new feature that, when set to ‘Circulate’, will allow the photographer to move a spot or zone AF point over the edge of the frame and have it reappear on the other side of the frame. Large, medium or small is selectable (when you set Quality to jpeg). 25p 50M: Records movies in 1920×1080 (30p/25p). Ambience: Prioritizes the color tone of the light source. [Range] controls the luminance range that Black Gamma influences. Take a look at our first shots … Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. These problems include: Here it is, the advanced manual for the Sony A6600 with plenty of tips and tricks to get you started. Sets whether the camera measures brightness based on detected faces when Metering Mode is set to Multi. When cycling through the groups you can see individual images in that group by pressing the Center Button in the Control Wheel. Jpegs are saved with this styling applied. This is used for the synchronization of the video in post production. (. Introduction The Sony A6600 has some brand new features like the larger capacity battery, a grip, and turbocharged tracking autofocus. On the camera, select MENU – (Wireless) – [Bluetooth Settings] – [Bluetooth Function] – [On]. Rate your images in-camera for easy culling in Lightroom afterward. ITU709: (800%) Gamma curve for checking scenes recorded using [S-Log2] or [S-Log3]. The camera returns to automatic eye detection. Here is your free tutorial on the Sony A6600! The Zebra Pattern is a highlight warning indicator that is common in video cameras. You’ll need a fast UHS Speed Class U3 SD card to record at 100 Mbps or more. Hi Joe, you can activate the self-timer function in the Drive Mode setting (Shoot Mode and Drive settings page 1). This mode is suitable for measuring light on a specified part of the entire screen. Select whether you want the camera to repeat slideshows when all pictures are viewed or not, and choose the interval between slides. Selects which tone to prioritize when shooting under lighting conditions such as incandescent light when White Balance is set to Auto. The Sony A6600 has a decent range of well-designed presets: Blurred background for a beautiful Bokeh, and sharpens the subject. Program Auto / Program Auto: Allows you to shoot with the exposure adjusted automatically (both the shutter speed and the aperture value). Do you want your screen on all the time, switch between screen and EVF once your eye has been detected near the viewfinder? Have Fun! You can extend battery life by providing a power supply over USB. Touch Panel Only: Activates only the touch panel operations when shooting with the monitor. Leave it on except if you are using an underwater housing. Do you want to take a single picture when you press the shutter button or multiple images? Off: Does not use Auto Slow Shut. Tracking: When the shutter button is pressed and held halfway down, the product tracks the subject within the selected autofocus area. You can switch the functions of the front/rear dial between shutter speed and aperture. This is often used by photographers to allow for greater flexibility in composition. Using the top/bottom/left/right side of the control wheel, select the checkboxes for the functions that you want to recall with one of the registration numbers and press the center to check each box. This is useful on the A6600 because it is possible to assign a custom button to cycle through the ones that remain. You’ll see the icon for the recognized scene appears on the top right hand of the screen. Because settings other than [Level] are quite complex, we recommend you start by adjusting only the [Level] setting first. 24p 60M: Records movies in 3840×2160 (24p). The Sony A6600 will also use the most appropriate FOCUS AREA, and ISO value (the ISO range cannot be changed in iAuto though). I have unselected these options. No ads, as a pdf. When you shoot at high shutter speeds with a large diameter lens attached, the ghosting of a blurred area may occur, depending on the subject or shooting conditions. You can express the movement of a moving subject in various ways by changing the shutter speed, for example, at the instant of motion with a high-speed shutter, or as a trailing image with a low-speed shutter. Sony A6600 connectors. Can pictures and videos from the camera be imported to the Apple iPad mobile digital device? The range available between Wide, Middle or Narrow. In multi, it considers the whole frame and sets exposure according to internal algorithms programmed in camera. Leave as is at 3:2, you can always crop your pictures later when you shoot RAW. Sets the playback speed for still images during Continuous PB for the interval. If you’re using larger cards (64 or 138GB), make sure you get the fastest available.

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