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[9], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Glens Trail 1.8 miles, Gorge Trail 1.8 miles, Highbridge Trail 3.2 miles), Fishing, Ice Skating, Picnicking, In 1964 the City of Akron needed flat land on which to build a water tower. Your gift to the Centennial Tree Fund helps fill the … This 705-acre conservation area includes fields and forests that support rare plants. A parking area adjacent to the bridge over I-271 offers rest and a view of Brandywine Falls which, at 75 feet, is one of the highest waterfalls in Ohio. Other secrets are less visible. A boulder and bronze plaque were later dedicated by the Daughters of the American Revolution to commemorate the site. In the 1930s, Sand Run Parkway and many of the surrounding shelters and structures were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Other rare species can be found individually throughout the park, including butternut trees – a species surviving despite the butternut canker disease threatening their range. [14], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Buckeye Trail, Deer Run Trail 1.8 miles), Picnicking, The 1000-acre Sand Run Metro Park opened in 1929, but the area has been welcoming visitors for centuries. Dogwood Trail. Summit Metro Parks: Goodyear Heights Community Garden Survey You are invited to participate in a community garden survey initiated by Summit Metro Parks. Summit Metro Parks manages 14,300 acres, including 16 parks, several conservation areas and more than 125 miles of trails, with 22 miles of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. [12], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Indian Spring Trail 2.2 miles), Basketball, Boat Rental, Cross-country Skiing, Fishing, Picnicking, Play Equipment, Sledding, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Many parks exist due to the foresight of a few visionary individuals, including F.A. Thousands of pines and tulip trees were planted in the park. A number of different raptors – including bald eagles – have also been spotted. The resulting flat, barren landscapes were too alkaline and nutrient-poor for plants to grow. Started off flat and they get you to commit. In fact, the Summit system rivals Cleveland's famous "Emerald Necklace" of parks. Summit Metro Parks is a Metroparks system serving the citizens of Summit County, Ohio by managing 14,000 acres (5,700 ha) in 16 developed parks, six conservation areas and more than 150 miles (240 km) of trails, with 22.4 miles (36.0 km) of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. In 2010, the park district signed a lease for the adjacent Hardy Road landfill, bringing the park to its current size of 655 acres. Other winged creatures in O'Neil Woods include eastern bluebirds, which nest in boxes maintained by staff and volunteers throughout the park. The trio's first meeting was May 15, 1923. Summit Metro Parks manages 14,300 acres, including 16 parks, several conservation areas and more than 125 miles of trails, with 22.4 miles of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Acquisitions of nearby parcels expanded the park to 258 acres. Between the late 1920s and the end of 1930, more than 1,000 acres were donated. Young Mary Campbell, for whom the cave is named, unwittingly became the first white child in what was then the wild frontier of the Western Reserve. [10], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Adam Run 3.2 miles, Spring Hollow Trail 1.6 miles), Picnicking, Soccer, Long before Liberty Park was formed, humans in prehistory camped here, drank the clean, cold springs and hunted game. Eastern woodcocks, barred owls, pileated woodpeckers, song sparrows, kingfishers and ruffed grouse have been spotted among the park's oak, black willow, eastern cottonwood, sycamore and black walnut trees. Be sure to start your hike from the side next to the restroom/outhouse, NOT the west (?) The Summit metro parks are beautiful senic parks that are great for hiking. Surrounded by Cuyahoga Valley National Park, this 366-acre conservation area is characterized by steep ravines and nearly-mature forests. The hawks can be seen soaring above the meadows as they hunt for small voles and mice. In the early 1980s PPG began restoring the local environment, amending the lime deposits with nutrient-rich bio-solids, or sludge, from municipal wastewater treatment plants, a practice often used in farming. On December 31, 1921, Metro Parks (then called the Akron Metropolitan Park District) became the second park system established under Chapter 1545 of the Ohio Revised Code. 41° 07' 59" N, 81° 32' 53" W. Centennial Tour. A grove of white pine, planted by Girl Scouts in the late 1960s, offers visitors a cool, scented respite. Maybe Summit could claim to be the Emerald Pendant. The land surrounding Mingo Pavilion was a campsite for Mingo Indians. Find more at Observant visitors will see traces of the past. The Tuscarawas River and the water-filled canal provide habitat for a variety of aquatic wildlife. Clinton Area (Center Road to the Stark County line): Along this 2.6-mile section the rich, often-saturated soil of the river floodplain supports an abundance of wildflowers from spring to fall, luring a variety of insects including many butterflies. Summit Metro Parks is asking visitors to reserve park usage in the early morning hours for vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the rushing water flows over a shale riverbed, between ledges made of Sharon conglomerate sandstone. The Foundation offers valuable, long-term continuity and steadfastness, helping to create and maintain our thriving park district. The smallest of our named conservation areas, the 73-acre Kniss Conservation Area was donated by the Nature Conservancy in 1974. With new board members in place, famous landscape architects the Olmsted Brothers were asked in May 1925 to create a countywide park plan and identify sites that were suitable for park use. 35F with fleece and I was sweating. In the 1930s, the family built a two-room summer cabin and dug a small fishing lake near the present park entrance. Seiberling's interests went well beyond tires. [5], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Buckeye Trail; Cuyahoga Trail 13.1 miles; Quarry Trail 1.2 miles), Fishing, Picnicking, Dairy cows once grazed the hillsides of the area known today as Firestone Metro Park. [16], The 33.5-mile Bike & Hike Trail was one of the first "rails to trails" conversions in the country. It served as the park district's headquarters until 1974, when the offices were moved to Sand Run Metro Park. The city manages the park's 100-acre recreation area, including the play fields and playground. The 1.8 mile hike is great; there’s a dramatic change of scenery and terrain. Open fields, fence rows and a stately old barn, part of which dates back to the Civil War, are evidence of the park's former life as the Harter Dairy Farm. In 1956, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources completed construction of a nearby dam, intended to create a reservoir for industrial water needs. Visitors see remnants of the old quarry, including some old gristmills that were left beside the trail. He donated more than 400 acres to expand Sand Run Metro Park. The 16 unit Summit Metro Parks System has hundreds of acres of scenery and miles of trails, including a segement of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath trail. The 16 unit Summit Metro Parks System has hundreds of acres of scenery and miles of trails, including a segement of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath trail. Hawks circle overhead to hunt rabbits, mice and voles living in the grasses and weeds below. Kent Weeklies. Despite this acquisition, Metro Parks retained 572 wooded acres – today's Wetmore Conservation Area. Today, iron-laden water from the mine shafts feed into Silver Creek, coating the bottom of the stream with reddish-brown iron-oxide, yet fish, frogs and other animals thrive. We use the parks every year for a family reunion picnic. Congress responded by creating the National Park Service in 1916, and the Ohio General Assembly made possible the formation of metropolitan park districts the following year. The park contains beech-maple woods, acres of spring wildflowers – including trillium and Virginia bluebells – and deep ravines. The result: Wildlife, including painted turtles, ring-necked pheasants and white tailed deer, has returned to the reclaimed Lime Lakes. Residents all. Shrubs include sumac, blackberry and the invasive Japanese knotweed while trees include boxelder, black locust and the invasive tree-of-heaven. Experience the beauty of Summit County while learning how the park district protects natural and cultural resources, connects people to nature and is made possible with support from the community. One of the largest northern red oaks in Summit County – 20 feet in circumference – stands in this park. Thanks to the generosity of prosperous local land owners, the young park system now included 1,600 acres in five reservations. (160) Annual attendance averages 5 million visitors. Please choose a different date. We invite you to speak with us about your interest in Summit Metro Parks and your own personal, philanthropic goals. December 31, 1921. This bronze relief at the intersection of North Portage Path and Merriman Road commemorates the site of Courtney Park. [20], ACTIVITIES: Biking, Camping, Cross-country Skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Picnicking, In addition to 13 developed parks and more than 120 miles of trails, Metro Parks manages several conservation areas for the purpose of preserving Summit County's natural resources. The Cascade Race helped transform Akron into a boomtown. Mary later settled with the tribe in a village along the banks of the Cuyahoga River, not far from the cave. Much of the park was developed by work relief crews during the 1930s. Beavers, frogs, turtles, salamanders and crayfish are seen in both Beaver and Heron ponds. Meadow Trail is right next to the parking lot and is 2.0 miles through the woods and passes the County Home cemetery. The land, donated by Joseph Courtney of the Courtney Dairy Company, was named Courtney Park. Akron Area (Botzum to the Innerbelt/SR-59): Along this 9.28-mile stretch the Cuyahoga and Little Cuyahoga rivers provide habitat for a variety of aquatic wildlife. … Join a … The towering forest is home to red, gray, black and fox squirrels; screech, barred and great horned owls; and pileated woodpeckers. Great horned owls, chickadees and six species of woodpecker take cover here. In 1974, the park district's Administrative Offices were moved here from Goodyear Heights Metro Park. Large trees exist on rock ledges and in wetlands within the conservation area, where fens and bogs are "protected" by poison sumac and swamp rose. The beech-maple woods contain spring wildflowers. In his formative years, Wagner worked in Boston with the Olmsted Brothers, and later on projects owned by Seiberling. Rangers are commissioned peace officers who provide safety and security by enforcing the park district's rules, regulations, state, and local laws. The tree population reflects both invasive plants and native trees that are able to flourish in inner-city conditions. In the cool, shady ravines of Sand Run and its tributary streams, hemlocks, ferns, skunk cabbage and large colonies of horsetails grow. Biologists believe this creek's fish will eventually re-colonize the polluted river as cleanup efforts continue. 64 with a bad wheel. Beautiful white trillium grows in the floodplain woods each spring beside wild ginger and several types of violets. A very interesting hike just off the biking trail. To avoid it, stay on designated trails. Summit Metro Parks 975 Treaty Line Rd. path. Beginning in March 2021, celebrate the Summit Metro Parks Centennial with a self-guided tour. I will not list them all, but will provide the ones that border the larger … Wagner, the first director of Metro Parks, owned the land off Brush Road and planted the first bulbs along the trail. Your gift can help the Foundation enhance the work of the park district, turning the ordinary into the … The steepest section of the Ohio & Erie Canal was between Akron and the Little Cuyahoga River. Late spring is a great time to view snapping turtles, some up to 20 pounds, basking in the sun. with the grassy area. Today, visitors can drive through the ford crossing where Sand Run meanders across Sand Run Parkway. Their famous father, Frederick Law Olmsted, designed major parks throughout the country, most notably New York's Central Park. Frogs and salamanders mate and lay eggs in the pools that collect in the flood plains. Good workout. The pump house building was donated to the park district by the City of Akron, and its development has been made possible thanks to generous in-kind services and grant funding. [6], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Redwing Trail 1.1 miles; Walking Course 0.9 miles; Willow Trail 1.6 miles), Cross-country Skiing, Fishing, Picnicking, Sledding, The 890-acre Furnace Run Metro Park began in 1929 when the family of Charles Francis Brush Jr. donated 272 acres to Metro Parks. A note to visitors: Poison sumac is found in the wet areas of Firestone Metro Park. The Mustill House and store, built between 1825 and 1850, served the local community and the people traveling the canal. This protects the various species that live in the area's wetlands and vernal pools. It contains the FirstEnergy Dam. Today, the park is home to more Ohio buckeye trees than any other Metro Park in Summit County. Many rare species inhabit the park, including sharp-shinned hawks, butternut trees, and native orchids. SUMMIT COUNTY — Summit Metro Parks observed Bert Szabo Day Dec. 4 in honor of the park district's first interpretive naturalist. Today, the sandy, acidic soils of Munroe Falls Metro Park permit the growth of flora that is typically uncommon in Summit County. Summit Metro Parks manages 14,300 acres, including 16 parks, several conservation areas and more than 125 miles of trails, with 22 miles of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Seiberling, founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, was named commissioner in 1925. Summit Metro Parks | Summit Metro Parks manages 14,100 acres, including 16 parks, several conservation areas and more than 125 miles of trails. Track Your Progress. In a single mile, 15 locks, or "steps," were necessary. A canopy of oak, American beech, sassafras and black cherry provides cover for smaller shrubs. Ask … The concept of restoring the towpath for use as a multipurpose trail began to emerge in the 1980s, and the first section of the Towpath Trail opened in 1993. The Ohio & Erie Canal was a technological marvel. Metro Parks manages the remaining acreage, including two trails and the Pond Brook Conservation Area.,, Articles with failed verification from August 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 August 2020, at 18:37. It is adjacent to Bath Nature Preserve, which is managed by the Bath Township Park System. To discourage visitors, they started charging 10 cents per visit, but this only attracted more people. A shallow swamp has developed on the quarry floor, where rose pink (an herb) and the invasive narrow-leaved cattail grow. Each year, Summit County, just south of Cuyahoga County where Cleveland is located, promotes hiking in their Metro Parks by putting on the Fall Hiking Spree from September 1-November 30 each year. Their son, M. Gerald O'Neil, served on the Board of Park Commissioners from 1969 to 1978. Find more at Pendant. Deer travel among the woods, fields and wetlands. The 624-acre Silver Creek Metro Park is tucked away in a quiet, rural area near Norton. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Canada. more, Continue your visit to This is just one of many MetroParks in Summit County. A nice, vigorous hike with ravines, thickets, and visual diversity. The O’Neil Woods Metropark is located very near to the Beaver Pond section of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, so it’s a nice side trip from there if you have time. During the Depression, Metro Parks acquired additional acres by paying delinquent taxes on surrounding properties. It follows the course of the old Akron, Bedford & Cleveland (ABC) Railroad, which was the longest electric railroad of its kind when it was built in 1895. Upon European settlement, trees were cleared for farming, but maples were spared for their sweet sap. Date of experience: July 2016. The woods are accessible via trails maintained by Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Summer and fall wildflowers also flourish, illuminating the landscape. Very nice. Along the trails, oak, elm, sycamore and black walnut trees provide habitat for a variety of birds and other wildlife. The Hoover administration took several steps to combat the Great Depression, but instability continued. The Summit Metro Parks website redesign was an exciting project for Evolve, since the parks are close to home and we have several team members who make use of the Metro Parks on a regular basis. Maybe Summit could claim to be the Emerald. The sandstone found in the quarry was ideal for mill stones, which were used to remove the outer hulls of oats processed at Akron's American Cereal Works (later Quaker Oats). Every March and April, thousands of daffodils bloom along the H.S. The Summit Metro Parks team cultivated a winning idea when they decided to launch the #MySMPAdventure campaign. John Renner, an engineer who built many homes in Akron's Goodyear Heights area, also tried raising pigs on the southeast side of the lake. Years later, Crosby built the failed Chuckery Race; traces of it can still be seen in this Metro Park. Summit Metro Parks is a Metroparks system serving the citizens of Summit County, Ohio by managing 14,000 acres (5,700 ha) in 16 developed parks, six conservation areas and more than 150 miles (240 km) of trails, with 22.4 miles (36.0 km) of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. In 2007, Metro Parks acquired the adjacent 287-acre former County Home property, bringing this park to its current 509 acres. What is the Summit Metro Parks Fall Hiking Spree? The open fields are home to woodcocks, meadowlarks and eastern bluebirds. ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Bridle Trail 7.9 miles, Chippewa Trail 2.0 miles, Pheasant Run Trail 1.2 miles), Boat Rental, Cross-country Skiing, Fishing, Picnicking, Play Equipment, Swimming. Find a park or trail near you. In July 1917, Cleveland Metroparks became the first metropolitan park district in the State of Ohio. South of Boston Mills Road in Boston Heights, the Sharon Conglomerate rock walls of the Boston Ledges rise along the trail. Summit Metro Parks is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021. We work toward a more vibrant park district – to enhance trails, conservation, education and capital projects. The trail is marked and the parking lot is completed. [2], ACTIVITIES: Hiking (Schumacher Trail 1.2 miles; Valley Link Trail 2.8 miles), Picnicking, In 1833, hydraulic engineer and entrepreneur Eliakim Crosby built the Cascade Race, a waterway that powered the mills and businesses along the Ohio & Erie Canal. Until service was discontinued in 1932, riders could travel for 50 cents from Akron to Cleveland's Public Square in about 2.5 hours. Check out what made each park possible, how it came into existence and what the future holds. Deep Lock Quarry became a Metro Park in 1934. Almost overnight, visitation doubled in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In 1974, the National Park Service acquired thousands of acres that were managed by Metro Parks, including Virginia Kendall Park. There are herbs and wildflowers, including spring beauty, Jack-in-the-pulpit, rue anemone and jewelweed. By 1878 the canal's significance was in decline due to the introduction of railroads. The park's woods are home to owls and other wildlife. Veteran hikers earn the shield. Today, the pines planted in this 410-acre park are slowly giving way to black cherries, oaks and tuliptrees through natural succession. New Delhi, Nov 17: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Thursday inaugurate the Bengaluru Tech Summit, 2020 that will deliberate on the key challenges emerging in the post-pandemic world. Out-of-county residents pay to receive their hiking rewards ($10 for first-year hikers, $5 for veteran hikers). Today, the Nature Realm is a special-use area that has been set aside for the study and enjoyment of nature. From 1899 until 1973, liquid and solid waste products from the company's chemical plant – mostly lime and water slurry with some sand and salts – were pumped into six settling ponds here called Lime Lakes, covering a total of more than 600 acres. The conservation area is accessible via neighboring bridle trails. hikes... they rotate the list of parks every year to encourage you to visit different parks. Three years later, Rhea H. and E. Reginald Adam donated 162 acres of adjacent farm land to Metro Parks, and the 278-acre Hampton Hills Metro Park was born.

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