If you are thinking about moving south to get in on the sunshine and ocean breezes, you may be shocked at the pricing of a lot of housing options in Florida. Real estate is at a premium as the Florida coasts draw thousands of new people every year. With the “snowbird” population descending during the winter months, the need for permanent housing has caused prices to keep rising.

If you are looking for a great place to spend your retirement or are moving the whole family south, you need to know the affordable housing option in Florida. The Florida lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to come with an oceanfront property to make it a life worth living. There are plenty of options for the open-minded buyer.

* Unique Affordable Housing Options in Florida:

Everything from settling into a luxury RV resort to taking your Florida CAM license course online and managing a community with accommodation benefits is open for anyone to explore. Let’s take a look at some of the affordable housing options that can make your tropical home dreams come true.

  • Get A Roommate:

Room mate
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There are thousands of single adults that are looking to move down to warmer climates. Retirees make up over 65% of the seasonal residents in Florida. If you are looking to save some money on your mortgage or rent, think about opening up your home to a Florida snowbird that may only need accommodation for a few months in the winter. Sharing the expenses with anyone, including a family member or friend, can allow you to look for something that wouldn’t necessarily be in your budget on your own.

  • Location:

When you think of buying a place in Florida, you are likely picturing a beautiful house right on the beach. That would be nice, but for most people, that type of prime real estate is not an affordable option. Your best chance at finding a quality home is too avoid looking directly in the larger cities and focus on options that are a bit further away from the beach. There are hundreds of smaller satellite communities outside of the larger metropolitan areas that have lovely neighborhoods (and lower costs of living) while still giving you access to all the attractions of the bigger cities.

  • RV Resorts:

Full-time RV living is becoming a popular lifestyle for Americans of all ages. Many folks are looking to simplify their daily lives and get back to basics with an affordable yet comfortable lifestyle. Florida is the RV capital of the USA and as such has thousands of beautiful resorts and communities that you can settle in. With many parks catering to the snowbird population, you can find a fun and reasonable place to live year-round in an active community. In many RV communities, there are work camper opportunities for those that are interested in becoming part of the permanent staff. Not only can you work where you live but some compensation packages include special deals on your site costs.

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