This holiday season, I (or should I say Mr. LH, mostly) made 18 Santa and reindeer cocoa cones to give to colleagues at a fraction of the cost compared to last year’s mason jar gifts. The outcome was adorable and inexpensive gifts. I received lots of compliments on them, especially the Santas, which were more difficult to create. Each cone had enough hot chocolate for four drinks and included chocolate chips, M&M’s, and/or marshmallows.

Cocoa cone ingredients
Cocoa cone ingredients

Here’s the scoop of ingredients:

  • 8 tablespoons of hot cocoa in each cone  (I used Nestle’s hot chocolate mix – a more traditional hot cocoa flavor)
  • 3/4 cups of M&M’s in the Santa cones (Mr. LH separated out the red and green M&M’s for the hat)
  • 1/2 cup of chocolate chips in the reindeer cones
  • 3 handfuls of marshmallows in the Santa cone and 2 in the reindeer cone
Santa Faces
Santa Faces

Santa: The hot cocoa went into it’s own, separate bag so that the ingredients didn’t touch each other and shift. For the Santa’s, the cocoa went into a small, sandwich bag that we were able to shape into a rectangle for the “face” and for the reindeer, the cocoa went into a cone-shaped cellophane bag. Santa’s beard was made of marshmallows also put into a small, sandwich bag, and the M&M hat was another cellophane bag. Santa ended up with 3 separate bags within one cellophane cone. The “face” were wiggly eyes glued onto felt with cotton balls pulled apart for the beard. This was glued onto the bags ahead of time. He was an art project, basically!

Reindeer cone
Reindeer cone

Reindeer: The reindeer were easy compared to Santa! Again, we separated the ingredients to avoid shifting, but used only two cellophane bags to accomplish this feat. The interior bag was filled with cocoa, twist tied, and the chocolate chips were added to the remaining cellophane top. The cocoa bag was dropped into another cone-shaped bag and topped off with marshmallows. The eyes and nose were glued on the bags ahead of time. We topped him off with brown pipe cleaners for antlers.

Cost: I can only estimate that each cocoa cone averaged about $2.25. We bought our supplies at Walmart and used the Walmart Catcher to price match our items. We did get money back on the chocolate chips, so my estimate probably isn’t too far off.

Final cocoa cones

This is definitely something I’ll repeat in the future, though I’m not so sure Mr. LH will be as enthusiastic about creating the Santa’s again!

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