Yakezie Challenge
Yakezie Challenge

A few more great reads from the Yakezie blogging community (mini-roundup today):

  • Over at Monevator, Early Retirement Extreme guest posted about his unusual lifestyle. I like the sound of his lifestyle and don’t really find it that unusual, but it does veer away from the norm.
  • Ultimate Money Blog writes about how the Economy Sucks So...she’s putting off moving. I totally see her point. As much as I’d like to move to Ventura, there are few jobs which is inhibiting me from making a decision.
  • Fiscal Fizzle posts about earning income from Recycling 10 Cent Bottles and Cans. I recycle my cans and bottles myself, but could not support myself on the  income that is generated. I do feel good, however, when I receive that $20 or so dollars. It’s  money I paid, I might as well get it back!
  • Over at Well Heeled Blog her financial goals for 2010 have been revised due to her new job! Congratulations!

Now more great reads, though not part of the Yakezie:


  1. Mr Credit Card Reply

    My township provides free mulch made from the leave we bag at the end of fall. They dump it at a car park in one of the parks and folks just brag their fills!

    • @Mr. Credit Card- That’s fantastic! I’m pretty sure our city doesn’t do this. However, they do offer compost bins for $20 and includes a free seminar on how to get started. It really does cut down on our kitchen waste.

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