I don’t consider myself very handy when it comes to fixing things around the house or in general. Thankfully, I married someone who compensates for my inadequacies. Mr. LH can take things apart, oil, tighten, fix parts then put the object back together good as new. It has saved  us a lot of money in terms of not having to replace fans, vacuums, and many of our appliances through the years.

Recently, I bought a new bike. I was thrilled to ride it. But…..

  • Day one – it rode great.
  • Day two – back tire was completely flat.
  • Day three – had tire fixed and inner tube replaced at the local bike shop.
  • Day four – back fender sounded like it was about to fall off. Rattle, rattle, rattle.

I really didn’t want to go back to the bike shop and have them tear off the tire again to fix the rattling fender. I also was tired of having to haul my brand new bike back to a shop so soon – 1 visit every two days is too many.

Mr. LH to the rescue! Thankfully, fixing a bike isn’t brain surgery, or so I heard Mr. LH say. He was able to tear off my front and back tire (might as well tighten both fenders while he’s at it), tighten all the loose bolts – which were many to my dismay  – and fix the rattling noise that was driving me insane. It also saved me $20 bucks and the trouble of taking it to the bike shop.

It also helped him feel confident that he can fix any future bike problems which is lucky for me – his handiness saved us money, saved me the headache of taking the time to fix it somewhere else, and possibly saved me from having an accident. Ouch!

One of these days I’ll have to ask him to show me how to be as handy as he is. 😉

Do you or someone in your household know how to fix things? Are you a handyman/woman?