It’s funny that I seem to stress over the little things (I guess I should catch up on my reading over at Sweating the Big Stuff!). For instance, I normally won’t pay for an annual parking pass at the local university. I’m only there one day a week, so why should I bother spending over $300 on an annual parking permit? Obviously, that’s a no-brainer. However, on a day to day $7.00 rate, even if I drove to school over the next 11 weeks, I’d only spend $77.00. But wait! I make it a point NOT to drive to school since I live a mere 3 miles away. Hence, I save $7.00 every time I ride my bike instead.

However, the past two weeks luck would have it that on the day of my classes, it’s been over 100 degrees! Holy cow. Am I insane?! Apparently, yes. Instead of coughing up the measly $7.00, which would really be $14 for both days, I instead decided to ride my bike. My body let me know that I really am getting too old for that stuff. When I arrived at my destination, not only was my head throbbing (a sign of heat exhaustion?!), but I was as red as a beat. It took me a good hour to work my way back down to a normal color and stop sweating profusely.

So, where am I going with this? Lately I’ve been running a little ragged and burning my candles at both ends. So, for some great reads (that I unfortunately haven’t had any time for!) that I’ll have to catch up on soon:

  • Financial Samurai with Spending Too Much and Course Correcting. He seems to be exhibiting the opposite behavior from me, but he’s making a point to take it to the extreme and spend less!
  • For the last few weeks, the website has been spotlighting a Yakezie member each weekday. Earlier this week, I was spotlighted. But, enough about me. Here is one from this week; Bucksome Boomer.
  • I can’t wait to read a little bit more on this post; Invest it Wisely created some easy to read charts showing possible outcomes if you pay down your mortgage vs. saving up an emergency fund. Very insightful.
  • Everyday Thoughts and Tips had some great tips about buying a new home. I reviewed a book this week about renting vs. buying; it seems to be a running theme through out the Yakezie group this week. (perhaps we’re all psychically linked?!)
  • Another intriguing post I’m hoping to read this week: What is the car dealer CSI? from Car Negotiation Coach. CSI in this case standing for Customer Satisfaction Index. Let me tell you that I’m currently not very happy with our current car dealership, in particular their service center! But more on that at another time.

It sadly took me THREE WHOLE DAYS to write this piddly post. The pressure, the pressure! Not so much from this blog, mind you, but from my life away from blogging. I’ll have to take some time in the next few days and catch up with why I’ve been busy; basically I’m a “YES” girl. Not always a great thing to be.

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