Gorilla Pod to the Rescue!

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Mr. LH and I have never really exchanged gifts over our 14 year relationship. Instead, we usually choose one or two large items we want to purchase, and make that our holiday or birthday gift. This year, Mr. LH turned 40. I felt he needed something special instead of the “big” gift we always pick out together. The one thing I knew I could do for him, one he wouldn’t want to take it back or exchange for the “right” one, was a collage photo frame of our years together.

GorillaPod - The Original

GorillaPod - The Original

While sorting through our photos, I had a difficult time finding photos of us together. Sure, there were plenty of  just me or just him in front of some monument or goofing off on some trip, but the ones of us together were few and far between. With our latest trip to the Sequoia’s scheduled, we decided to remedy this problem. For just under $25 we found a solution to our photo problem; the GorillaPod. (P.S. they’re having a 20% off sale through 8/29!)

Okay, some of you are thinking, “Why don’t you just ask strangers to take photos for you?” We’ve done this in the past when there were people around to ask. But, sometimes strangers can’t focus the camera, or maybe we don’t want to bother others, especially if they don’t speak our language. Yet the biggest advantage of the GorillaPod is taking photos in remote areas, like when we’re hiking or camping. There may not be very many people around to help out, and taking a tripod is a bit cumbersome if I’m already carrying a day pack and water.

The GorillaPod is small enough to fit into a small pack or Mr. LH’s pocket. It’s flexible enough to wrap around a tree branch, and with three slip-resistant legs and feet you can prop it up on almost anything. The non-slip nodules help it grip around smooth surfaces. It also has a locking clasp, just like a tripod, that screws into the bottom of most camera’s, including my Canon PowerShot.

Mr. LH was able to figure out our camera’s timer, and this trip, we ended up with lot’s of photos of us together.

Like this one - GorillaPod was on a rock

Like this one - GorillaPod was on a rock

Do you think you’d use the GorillaPod?


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  1. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    I’ve noticed the same problem in our pictures. Great solution and I love the picture of you two.

  2. Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    I have been considering getting one of these but I was still skeptical. I am glad to hear it works as well as it does. Maybe we can get one of our upcoming anniversary.

    • Little House

      @Miss T – It really worked great. They are having a sale right now, too. I think on their website they advertise them for $19.95 and the sale is for 20% off. I purchased mine at REI so I know I spent a few bucks more than I should have. :(

  3. krantcents

    Another reason to use GorillaPod is you can take the time to pose more or retake the picture too. Sometimes, no one is around!

  4. Jackie

    I have one of those too, and love it!

  5. Moneycone

    I’ve seen this, but haven’t actually used it! Seems like a good tool to have!

  6. Ashley @ Money Talks

    good idea. I hate when we get back from vacation and we have NO pictures together as a family.

  7. Hunter @ Financially Consumed

    We have the same problem, no photos together. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the Gorilla Pod. Very cool.

  8. Mrs. Accountability

    I have had a Gorillapod for a few years and liked mine so much when they went on sale at dillyeo.com for $9.99 I bought two more, one for a spare and one for my son as a gift. Also, Amazon.com has the $25 version for $13.99 with free super saver shipping. They work really great for the cameras that are like a deck of cards, but my main camera now is a Nikon L100 (people always think it’s a fancy professional camera but it was less than $200 at a Black Friday sale) and the basic Gorillapod doesn’t hold my heavier camera too well. It is a cool little tripod though!

  9. Amanda L Grossman

    Very neat! I’ve never heard of this.


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