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My husband does not want to stay in our current home forever. He wants more room…specifically more rooms. After board gaming at a few different homes, he is lusting after more space. Luckily, he has a cheap streak too, so we will wait until our house is paid off before even approaching the idea of moving. But our conversation did lead me to think, how much house is enough house for us?

If you’re interested in building your own tiny home, check out the Tiny House Plans book. It has some great building plans.

I’m happy with our 3 bedroom home. I love our Master bedroom with our attached bathroom. I’m cool with the fact we use one of the spare bedrooms as my husband’s office. I’m also fine with turning the other bedroom into a guest bedroom/hobby room if he’d like.

I don’t think we need a separate library, office, hobby room, guest bedroom, and gaming area.

Our friends have some pretty awesome houses. I know exactly where he got these ideas. But I also know that those same friends make way more than we do. I don’t want to suffer from lifestyle inflation.

I also hate the idea of moving at all. Buying our home was not a fun process at all. It was stressful. Even the moving part was awful since the first movers never showed up and we had to wait all day to get fit in on a different company’s schedule. I also don’t enjoy the whole unpacking process. I just hate moving.

That hatred could easily convince me to stay exactly where we are until I’m too old to go up the stairs.

I know that my husband would never put his wants ahead of our finances, but I’m already trying to come up with ways to make our house seem bigger to him. I just think that as long and the TV works and we have a table to play games on, we’re doing just fine…

What do you think? How much house is enough house for you?