Inspired by a story on of a couple building their own off-grid retreat in the Oregon forest for $10K ($57K including the land purchase), I found miniHome. miniHome is the name of a series of environmentally conscious prefab homes designed by Sustainable Design Studio, a Canadian design company. Also sold in the Western United States, most of the the miniHome series are considered mobile homes, so any bank that handles mobile home financing, would be able to assist in financing a miniHome which start around $87,000. Also, models that are over 400 sq ft are more likely to qualify for financing versus smaller, comparable models.

Though the featured couple was able to build their own cabin (it’s helpful that he is an architect) for under $10,000, most people would need to go to an outside vendor like miniHome or a similiar company like Modern-Shed. I’ve written about Modern-Shed before and they are very reasonably priced,  with their smallest model starting at a little over $8,000. Yet, most of the smaller Modern-Shed units would not be approved for traditional bank financing due to their small foot-print.

Reading stories about people who follow through with their dream is very inspirational.

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