Small Furniture: Time to Furnish Your Tiny Home

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Small Furniture: Time to Furnish Your Tiny Home

Making the decision to downsize your planetary footprint and live in a smaller, compact or even downright tiny home has proven successful for many, many people. It has become a more earth-friendly (and less possession based) life for people who want a more simple living environment.

Proper use of space is crucial and much creativity needs to be in place to furnish these small homes. Now more than ever, there are many companies that are focused on creating furniture and accessories for small living. Many of them offer more “rustic” type furniture which is great if that’s the overall theme of your small dwelling. But if you’d like to create a more modern and chic compact pad, then you should check out
Resource Furniture in New York.

If you need a bunk-bed hidden in a wall, or an office desk that converts into a bed, you should find the following video demonstrations very interesting.

All of their space saving and convertible furniture is made in Italy and Resource Furniture is the United States distributor for their products. In these videos, President Ron Barth demonstrates some of the various pieces they carry.

Resource Furniture’s Space Savers on LXTV

Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture created this video for the 2011 Architecture & Design Film Festival. It’s very well done and gives you a look at the history of space saving designed furniture. It’s titled: Tomorrow, Reinvented Today.

If you have any questions for Resource Furniture you can contact them directly here:
Resource Furniture.


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  1. retirebyforty

    I love them! Those folding furniture are so cool! Maybe I can convert the a bedroom into an office/bedroom. I’m afraid to ask how much these origami furniture cost….

  2. Julie @ Freedom 48

    These little houses are so inspirational – I seriously want one! LOVE the versatile furniture – it’s so smart!

  3. San Diego Plumber

    Cool! Not only do we have those folding chairs anymore, we also have folding furniture now! I’m loving it. Space minimizing, but still trendy.

  4. LifeInTransition

    So cool. I wonder how much the furniture would cost. Love the concept.

  5. Wholesale Log Homes, Inc.

    Selecting the right furniture for your home may be a little challenging especially if you do not have an idea where to look and what to look for. Most people these days are either too busy or simply do not have the idea to find furniture sets that would match the design of their house. Furniture sets are actually essential components of the house since it has a lot of functions and it enhances the overall design of the house both indoors and outdoors. A simple home could even be turned into something special with the aid of furniture sets.

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