There may be no better way to enhance the curbside appeal of your home’s front entrance than by putting in patio pavers. If you are looking to expand your living space, a paving stone patios is an excellent way to provide a bigger entertainment area and bring some of the indoors, outside. If you are looking to install a patio, the type of material you choose is important for many reasons.

There is a huge variation in the types of patio paver materials that you can choose from. If you are limited by budget, that might help you to narrow down your search. But other things that you will want to take into consideration are maintenance, repair costs, and how long the materials last. Sometimes increasing the quality of the material might help you to save costs in the long run.

Another factor that is highly important is the climate that you live in. Some patio pavers are better for warm versus cold weather and vice versa. The good news is that patio pavers are the best buy for your home improvement project. Also easy to install, they just might be the best option to make a great home improvement project and save you money.

If you do choose to use patio pavers, make sure to take these ten things into consideration:

Easy maintenance without the high cost

A patio made from pavers is not only easy to install — which can save you money — but it can also be extremely easy to maintain. The cost might be higher upfront than other patio materials, but pavers don’t have to be stained or sealed regularly; if there is an accident where one is damaged or chipped, they can be replaced individually.

The deeper you dig, the better

To make your patio sturdy and last longer, the deeper you dig to prepare the space, the better. Make sure to check for gas lines or water pipes by calling 811, and then you will want to dig a  minimum of about six inches. If you live in an area where the ground is extremely dry, watering the area will make it easier to dig through.

Make it even more low maintenance

If you want to save your weekends from weeding, then use landscaping cloth underneath the sand to minimize the growth of weeds and vegetation. That will also decrease the likelihood of weeds causing damage.

It is all about the base (no trouble)

To ensure that the pavers are properly levelled, you will want to use a tamper or a wacker plate compactor. You will want to repack the soil every time that you add a new layer.

Accommodate for drainage

Although you want your patio to be level, you also want to make sure that you provide a way for the water to runoff so that you don’t have pooling. Plan a quarter-inch drop for every two feet for a smooth transition.

Make sure to tie in the ends

To keep the patio pavers securely in place, you will want to create a tight edge. You can do that by either creating a cement lip or a vinyl or metal edge. That will also stop the growth of weeds close to the patio.

Be careful of the color variation

Before you start to place the patio pavers, you are going to want to lay them all out to check for any color variation in them. Mixing and matching the variation will make it look more uniform. If you just take them one at a time you might not notice the differences until you are done, and it will look like you have two different colors lumped together.

Make cuts

Lay out the patio ahead of time so that you know where you have to make cuts. You will want to rent a wet saw to make things easier. You can do that at any do-it-yourself center.

Make sure to pack cracks

To secure the pavers, put sand in the cracks and then pack it all down. That will stop the pavers from shifting or moving around.

Buy extra

Since you can take damaged pavers out and replace them, you will want to buy extras in the event that you need them. You should make sure that you have replacements that are from the same lot and that they match.

Building a spectacular patio with paving stones is a perfect do-it-yourself project. With an easy weekend time commitment, you can enhance your outdoors or make your entryway look absolutely spectacular and more inviting.

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