On the tenth day of savings my true love gave to me…

Ten Santa’s Sleeping…

Nine lessons dancing…

Eight maids a cleaning…

Seven sausages sizzling…

Six fleece-lined layers…

Five golden things,

Four calling cards,

three custom pens,

two fluffy gloves,

and a gift card to JC Penney’s..

Okay, so maybe you’re going with a low-key holiday. No purchasing or charging items you can’t afford. This year you’ll enter the New Year debt free and that means a meager holiday season. This sounds like the type of holiday I long for (and will hopefully be having next year!) Instead of standing in long lines pushing and shoving your way through the department store isles, you’re baking homemade cookies and giving the gift of cheer.

Some ideas for a low key, sleeping Santa holiday:

  • Baked goods. If you’re competent in the kitchen, this might be for you. Bake your famous brownies, chocolate drop cookies, or cranberry muffins and wrap them in a colorful cellophane wrapper. Voila! A delicious low cost gift. (One Income Dollar is doing this and her baked goods look delicious).
  • Drinks in a jar. I’ve posted about this before. Fill mason jars with chocolate, coffee, or lemonade mixes. Wrap a ribbon around the top and you have a low key holiday present.
  • Home made gift baskets. Have a gardener in the family? Purchase packaged seeds for their climate (seeds are fairly inexpensive), add in a trowel or two from the 99-cents store and you have a gardener’s gift basket. What about a movie buff? Blockbuster and Walmart often have movies on sale for as little as $5.00. Add in a couple of bags of popcorn and Raisinettes and you’ve just given the gift of a movie night.
  • Winter Activity Day. Invite family and friends on a winter activity outing. Take a day to go sledding, ice skating, biking, or surfing (hey, I live in CA!) Take along a picnic basket and offer to carpool. Your gift to them will be a breathe of fresh air.

Next holiday season, I wanna go to Cabo!

What frugal gifts are you giving this year?


  1. Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter Reply

    We aren’t doing any gifts other than bringing some hummus. In our families the goal is to spend time together which I think is most important anyways. Great list though.

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