There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning AC unit, especially in those warmer months! If you want early warning signals that your AC needs repairing, before it breaks down, then we can help.

AC Repair Tips

Here are the signs that you need to be aware of;

* Warmer Air:

If the AC isn’t blowing out super cold air or if the temperature is variable then it could be time to book in a service. Warmer air can be a warning signal for a lot of different problems within the unit, so an experienced technician can check this out in advance. While this might be a slight change in temperature, it can mean a big change in the central unit.

* Less Air:

The amount of air that comes out of the unit is also important, as a reduction in flow can also be indicative of an issue within the system. Less air means that something within the unit isn’t working as it should be, so don’t ignore this. It also means that you’re not getting the air circulation that you need either.

* Noises:

Strange noises coming from your AC definitely need to be looked into, as this can mean there’s a loose part. The belt that runs the AC could be out of place, which will have a whole load of a knock on effects to the unit. Strange noises should be investigated right away, if possible you shouldn’t run the unit if it hasn’t been investigated. Look for AC repair in your area to get a specialist that will know what they’re doing. You should easily be able to find someone local who can come out and see your unit before any more problems arise. For example, if you’re based in Austin, Texas then a quick online search of a phrase like “Austin AC repair” will bring you to numerous websites who provide AC repair in Austin area.

* Smells:

The air coming out of the AC unit shouldn’t have a damp or musty smell to it, as this can also indicate a problem. A burnt smell can also mean a problem with the unit, as this could mean the interior is overheating and burning the casing. If there is a moldy smell coming from the unit then this can cause health problems, so don’t ignore this!

* Electricity Costs:

A sudden spike in your electricity bill might also mean that you need to look into your AC unit. This shouldn’t be guzzling down more energy over time, though you may be using it more in the summer months. This kind of spike can come along if a part of the unit isn’t working and it’s using a lot more energy to compensate.

* Frequency:

If you’re having these problems often then you may be cheaper investing in a new AC unit. With older AC units, it can feel like there’s just one problem after another, which costs you money. This might be when you need to consider getting a new unit instead, as it will actually save you money. Weigh up what you’ve spent on repairs versus the cost of a new unit to figure out which is best for your wallet.

AC is a valuable element of any home, so you should repair these units when you can! Only use trusted experts and your unit will be able to run for much longer.

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