A man’s bedroom should be a no-nonsense sanctuary in which lifestyle emerges, no matter how small the space. It should be a room made up of elements from your life that define who you are. Adding a masculine touch to your master bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult—the key is finding the happy medium between comfortable and subtle, while adding a personal touch. Create the bedroom of your dreams with the following décor tips and strategies.


To create a masculine feel in your bedroom, keep the features minimal. You want to keep your space clutter free and simple, especially with smaller amounts of square footage. When it comes to décor and additions, maintain geometric patterns across the board, including a variety of aspects, from your bedspread and textures to the colors on the walls. Keep in mind simplicity can be comprised of complex features, it’s all about how you utilize it.


This is where you get to be innovative and choose the theme of your bedroom. Define your space with a personal touch that reflects your interests and who you are. If you’ve done a lot of traveling in your life, add an international accent to your room when choosing the décor to show off your adventurous side. Are you a guy that loves the deep blue sea? Stick with a nautical motif, complete with sailing pictures and antique boat parts from PiecesofShip.com serving as thematic décor.


Start with the essential units—a bed and a frame. The headboard is going to be the first thing people see when they walk in. Take your time and choose one that fits your personality. When you’re picking up the basic furniture, keep in mind you are a setting the tone for the rest of the furniture. If you have the room for it, try to include some seating—perfect for reading, lounging after a stressful day, and sure to add some character to your space. Think Don Draper meets modern day. Leather does wonders to create a masculine atmosphere in a bedroom, so check out a company like Leather Furniture USA to accent your new décor—and provide some necessary comfort.


Make sure everything in your room has a similar styleand serves a specific purpose or function. When choosing items for storage, keep it simple and use the items to serve dual purposes. For example, use the top of your dresser as a stand for your television, or a set of low drawers as a night stand. Be creative and use the features in your room more effectively to achieve a more organized, put-together look.

The View

Masculine-themed décor generally evokes images of natural elements. If you have a great view of the outdoors from your bedroom window, frame the view with some simple, thick curtains that can be tied up during the day and block out unnecessary light in the early mornings. Bring in natural elements like wood and stone, whether that be through wood paneling on the walls from Stikwood or furniture utilizing these materials.


Perhaps the biggest factor in creating a masculine vibe in a bedroom is choosing the right colors. Pick a color that works well with your personality and stick to it. Navy blue is a classic; as the color ages, it tends to get darker which makes it a perfect color for a bedroom. It can be accented with different colors like white or gray to createan upscale vibe. Simple gray is also a great color for a masculine bedroom; it works perfectly with a dark carpet and can add a more polished appearance to your furniture.

Ultimately, how you define masculinity is specific to you. Make sure your bedroom décor is a strong reflection of your interests and personality to ensure it’s the oasis it was meant to be.

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