For busy families, it can be difficult to keep up with the clutter. Between work, kids, and an engaging personal life, it piles up quickly, and the next thing we know, we are up to our ears in things we don’t need. We may not notice it at first, but once the weekend comes, we realize that we are drowning in mail, old clothes, and toys that our children played with years ago. While it takes effort, making small but important changes in purchasing habits, home organization, and seeking professional help will keep your home clutter free.

Donate Often

Routinely cleaning out your family’s clothes, toys, and other home objects has a dual purpose. You can declutter your home by getting rid of things your family doesn’t need, and you can feel good about donating your gently used items to thrift shops in order to help those that may be less fortunate. Do some thorough cleaning each spring or winter, and some cleaning once your children have outgrown the clothes in their closets.

Watch Your Mail Pile

It is only too easy to throw mail on the table after you’ve come home from work. Too much of our mail is junk mail and advertisements, and that piles up quickly. Deal with your mail as it comes in, or as soon as you are able to. Creating an organizational system, such as labeled baskets or folders hung on the wall, can also separate the most important papers from those that need to be thrown away.

Keep Smaller Keepsakes

We are all tempted by sales and spending our extra cash on that collectible that we’ve had our eyes on for ages. However, these things, while small, can quickly clutter our home. Still, it is much easier to decorate your home with these unique pieces if you can keep the unnecessary pieces out. Making sure that you practice quality instead of quantity, keep only smaller, more important knick-knacks will help keep the clutter out of your living space.

One In, One Out

If you want to buy new clothes or home decor, make sure that you can give away or toss out things you do not need as well: one in, one out. Buying new things while keeping old ones only creates a mess that can quickly spiral out of control. We’re not saying you should keep only a bare minimum of possessions, but that you do not add more to an already growing mess.

Rent or Borrow Whenever Possible

If you do not have the room for power tools or yard equipment, you can often borrow or rent these things and have them only for a while. Asking a friend for their weed wacker or renting a paint sprayer does not only save money, but it frees up the space in your garage or shed. Especially if you do not use them frequently, borrowing larger items or renting them is a great way to avoid clutter in the yard or garage.

Employing junk removal services can also help if you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home. These professionals can not only help you get rid of trash and donate old items, but will help you become more organized to prevent further clutter. It can seem impossible to keep a completely de-cluttered home, but with a few well-thought decisions and new habits, a clutter-free home can be a reality.

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