Los Angeles is a city where dreams come true. Apart from being the home of celebrities, there is everything from a sprawling cityscape to a surf. The town’s atmosphere is unique because of places like Malibu, Venice Beach, and Silver Lake. The decision of choosing where to live is a difficult one. However, the primary choice is between living in apartments Los Angeles and a small house. This article gives the full rundown of the two options.

Apartments in Los Angeles

Famous for its picturesque single-family residences, Los Angeles hosts homes from Spanish to mid-century modern style. Options of homes in LA are growing diverse as the focus is dwelling on developing dense housing around transit. One such option is Apartments. The average apartment size is 808 square feet. Apartments are built smaller and in taller buildings to accommodate all newcomers looking for liveability and walkability. Renting an apartment is cheaper than renting a small house, and sometimes services such as water and trash are included in the rent. In Los Angeles, sometimes, the number of small houses available are less than apartment units. Apartments have amenities like gyms, recreational rooms, pools, and more. The management generally takes care of maintenance entirely. The maintenance person is present on-site to repair things quickly in bigger complexes.

Small Home in Los Angeles

Small homes look like town homes from away, and they are somewhat unique to LA. Building a small house is a trend across the country, and LA keeps up with all the trends. Small homes are similar to single-family residences that sit on land pieces not much larger than the house. Buyers need to pay small maintenance fees for upkeeping of communal space instead of hefty dues to a homeowner’s association. Small homes are generally more affordable than traditional homes; for instance, a three-bedroom small lot home costs $400,000 less than a similarly sized single-family residence. Small homes offer much more space and privacy than apartments as you don’t have to share walls with neighbours. If you rent such a place, it would give more of a feeling of living in a home than a temporary apartment. Often, many utilities are paid for. Small homes in Los Angeles are situated in real neighbourhoods and not in a complex of apartments.


There is no clear choice as to the better housing option in Los Angeles, but it is somewhat dependent on one’s preferences. A small home is desirable if one needs more space and room to roam without sharing walls with neighbours. On the other hand, apartments offer many options with extra amenities such as a pool and a lower price. When buying small homes or apartments in Los Angeles, there are some caveats compared to other places in the United States. This means it is essential to look after some details when buying or renting a home in LA. Apart from the normal process, look out for closing costs, mortgage, and taxes before moving in.

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