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Create An Open Floor Plan Living Space

Over the centuries, our homes have evolved to suit our ever-changing lifestyles. Floor plans, construction methods and interior design trends have changed to accommodate how we live today. As a result, many of us aspire to make sure that the interiors of our homes come together beautifully and seamlessly. One way you can achieve this is by embracing an open plan living room layout, regardless of the size of your home. Here are five important pointers to set you on the right path. Reassess your floor space In an existing building, the task of opening up your living spaces...

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Five Tips for Getting Comfortable in a Tiny Home

Think you have what it takes to “live tiny?” Although the tiny house movement is most certainly taking over the nation, the fact remains that the public at large doesn’t understand what really comes with the territory of tiny living. This rings true whether you’re looking to live in an actual tiny home or simply settling in a smaller space (think: an apartment sitting around 500 square feet). Thankfully, living tiny doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the comforts of a traditional home. That being said, there are many investments you should make within your space to ensure your long-term comfort...

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Tuff Shed Living Spaces

A few years ago, when we were trying to figure out how we could afford a home in Los Angeles, we seriously considered living in a Tuff Shed. I did extensive research on the logistics and what our options were at that time. It turned out, there were quite a few ways we could actually live in a Tuff Shed. Since then, Tuff Shed has really expanded this idea of using their sheds as home offices, guest houses, or vacation homes. Recently, our friend in Nebraska (FotoBob) took photos of this Tuff Shed pictured below at his local Home...

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5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool without A/C

With summer season, just around the corner in most parts of the world, you need to start making minor investments in your house, so when the time comes you’re ready to beat the heat. You can begin with the inspection of your home cooling friend a.k.a Air Conditioner. In Australia, the temperatures are already in high 20’s and 30’s at the moment. In such a weather if your AC malfunctions, hire the services of the best air conditioning repairs Brisbane has to offer to ensure its smooth working throughout the summer. But what if I tell you there are...

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Designing an Eco-friendly Bedroom of your Dreams

Green is no more the name of a color for your bedroom. Wouldn’t you want your bedroom to express who you are if a vital part of your identity includes being eco-friendly? Bet you would! Showing how eco-friendly you can be in your room is much easier than you may think. Experts say green living also leads to green savings and a lifestyle which is less consumerist will lead to ample time with friends, family and God. If you’re successfully able to reduce your impact by even 10% in a year, you can be sure that you’re on the...

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Save Big Money When Furnishing Your Tiny Home

As any tiny homeowner knows, saving money is not the only driving force behind choosing a house that is smaller than some family rooms. Some will pour those savings into getting a nicer piece of land so that they can be more in touch with nature. Others are more motivated by environmental/carbon footprint concerns. But regardless of the reason you chose this lifestyle, the last thing you want to do is waste a lot of money on furniture. That said, we all need furniture. We need something to sleep on, sit on, and eat on. So the first and...

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