A smaller bathroom doesn’t have to limit your design dreams. There’s a huge range of options available if you’ve decided to redecorate your home, and with a few smart choices, you’ll be able to make the most of the space you have and end up with the bathroom you wish for.

Have one or two key pieces

The reality of a smaller bathroom means that sometimes you have to make sacrifices. That means you might have to set a limit on the things you can put in the bathroom of your dreams.

For example, if you have your heart set on a free-standing bath, you might need to make that the centrepiece of your bathroom.

On the upside, by reducing the amount of clutter and leaving the rest of the room as a more minimalist design, you especially emphasise your choices and bring all the focus where you want it to be.

If things stick out, find ways around that

In smaller rooms, especially if those rooms are also narrow, things that jut outwards can really reduce available space.

This might mean that you have to get creative with where you put things. For example, in smaller bathrooms, a large towel rail or large basins might not be the ideal choice.

Know exactly what you have to store, and work around that

You’re already limited in room, and it’s important to keep that in mind.

Make a list of everything that you have to have in your bathroom. Then, when you know precisely what you must have, you can build around these essentials.

You’re absolutely going to need towels, toilet paper, and the things you use every single day like toothbrushes, mouthwash, make-up and hair products.

So find space for these items first. All the non-essentials can be stored elsewhere, or even taken out of the bathroom in removable storage.

Bathroom StorageImage Source: Pexels

Hang up your towels

The sensation of getting out of a hot bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a toasty warm towel can’t be beat. But towels, and storing towels, takes a lot of space.

Nancy from Wove Towels recommends instead of folding towels in a cabinet, hang your towels on a towel rail. This lets you utilize the otherwise wasted space on the rear of your bathroom door. Plus, hanging your towels is just one of many of her pro tips on how to soften towels.

Vertical ladder style storage also is pretty and gives you a lot of options not just for towels, but for everything else.

There’s also a current trend to build towel rails into other furniture, including chairs, which could be the perfect option.

Floor patterns matter

Straight or grid patterns laid out in the same line as the walls actually make a room seem smaller.

If you’re going for heavy patterns on the floor, or investing in patterned wall tiles, consider diagonal geometric patterns, or think about something less regimented, like swirls or abstract colors.

Take a recess

If you’re really struggling for room, it might be worth seeing if you can use a space most people don’t even consider. Your walls.

Recessed storage saves huge amounts of room, and can be built around existing fixtures like the bath and toilet.

Plus, recessed storage can look really stylish whilst being useful, adding a modern touch and easy access to your necessaries, no matter where you are in your bathroom.

Modern BathroomImage Source: Pikrepo

If you’re buying storage, buy tall

Smaller bathrooms need to use all the space they can, so if you’re buying storage look for things with verticality.

Taller cupboards and vanities give you more space to use without intruding further into your room.

For particularly small bathrooms, invest in free standing vertical storage and seating. Storage that you can move around lets you take full advantage of all the space you have, and if you’re verging on the tiny side, you could even remove the storage when it’s not in use, freeing up further room when you need it.

Install a pocket door

If you’re serious about creating more space in your bathroom, it’s worth considering replacing a huge space hog.

Pocket doors are gorgeous additions to any room, and when you build around them in your bathroom, you’re saving several square feet of space that could be used for more vital things.

They require some pre-planning, however, which is best to do when you makeover your bathroom.

Plus, it’s a serious talking point. After all, how often do you see a Japanese style sliding door in most modern houses?

How you decorate matters

When you’re decorating a smaller bathroom, you have to be really careful about how you decorate.

It’s easy to add too many colors or patterns, which can overwhelm a small room and make it seem cluttered, crowded and oppressive, even if the furniture inside is minimalist.

There’s a few ways around this.

  • First off, you can limit your color palette. A minimalist pallet that builds around one or two key colors doesn’t draw the eye or overload your sense.
  • Install upwards facing lighting, for example sconces or cove lighting. This brightens up the ceiling and makes the room seem taller. You can also focus your lighting around a single wall, brightening it in relation to everything else, which draws the eye and does the same trick.
  • If you’re using tiles, matching or very similar floor and wall tiles trick the eye, making the room seem more open and spacious. It can also contribute to a professional, spa-like feel, making a small space seem intimate and cosy instead of close and uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a first time decorator or an experienced professional, following these tips will transform your small bathroom into a luxury oasis.

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