Believe it or not, there are now dogs that are specially trained to sniff out not rabbits, not drugs, not weapons, not even a particular kind of clothing. These specially trained dogs are dedicated to targeting bed bugs. The bed bug dogs that might be in your home can now be found by the same kinds of dogs that people have used to help with hunting for thousands of years. The dogs and their handlers are having tremendous success in the fight against these disgusting insects.

* Bed Bug Dogs And Stench:

When you think about it, it really comes as no surprise that bed bug dogs put out a particular kind of odor. After all, every animal there is puts off some kind of scent. Pheromones are a significant part of attracting a mate, signaling distress, and just moving about through the animal kingdom. Bed bugs are a part of thisĀ since insects are really just tiny animals.

Granted, a human nose is never going to be able to detect bed bug dogs, especially at a distance. Fortunately, dogs have noses that are hundreds of times more powerful and sensitive than those of a human being. With a dog’s nose, sniffing out bed bugs is almost effortless. You might even call it puppy’s play.

The scent that a bed bug puts off is unique in the insect world. This is not something that will cause the dog to get confused, and start sniffing for flies or ants or other insects. They will find the bed bugs wherever they may be, and then the exterminator can do their work very efficiently.

* No Harm To The Dogs:

It would be perfectly understandable if your first instinct when hearing about bed bug sniffing dogs is that this might hurt the dogs. Fortunately, this is not the case. Since the dogs are not coming into direct contact with the insects, they are not going to be infested. As well, the dogs are routinely checked just in case they might possibly pick up a bed bug dogs while on the job.

Another aspect of this to note is that dogs have noses that can take in a scent, but not breathe it in. The dog can sniff, identify the smell, and then push the offending bits of matter back into the air. This is how drug-sniffing dogs can do their work without substantial danger.

* Peak Efficiency, All Bugs Destroyed:

Typically, when hunting for insects, there are two methods you tend to use: either you bomb the entire place with toxins, or you do your best to find the bugs visually. Covering your home with toxins has obvious problems, especially if there are children, pets or food in the home. A human eye can also miss something as tiny as a bed bug. The dogs can determine both exactly where the bugs are, and every place they have been. No bug is left behind when a dog is on the job.

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