The downsizing trend has become incredibly popular across the world thanks to multiple factors. The largest motivation is that the Baby Boomer generation is ageing into their senior years. These adults are often looking to simplify their lives and downsize from their large family homes.

Another factor that has caused the smaller home living trend to explode is the desire for financial security. People from all backgrounds and income brackets are tired of living beyond their means. With the shaky state of the economy, no career path can provide security. Small scale new construction homes are giving many people the opportunity to find affordable and sustainable housing options.

There are many benefits to moving to a little house that outweigh the lack of square footage. Most of us live in homes that provide far more space than we actually need. The result is often a fight to fill up those empty spaces with items that stretch the budget. Let’s look at a few benefits of downsizing to a little house.


Large homes come with large environmental impacts. When you live in a large home, you need to consume far more energy for heat and power. A little home can be run sustainably using solar or wind power, allowing you to remove yourself from the grid. The construction of a little home has a much smaller impact on the environment. These little homes can often be built in just a fraction of the time as a traditional large family home. Shorter construction times, smaller physical footprints, and less material make little homes a more sustainable choice.

Less Maintenance

Large family homes often require more regular maintenance. For busy professionals or seniors that may have mobility issues, limiting the amount of home maintenance that is needed is a real bonus. With less square footage and more compact operating systems, the home maintenance needs with a little house are minimal.

Reduced Mortgage

Over 60% of homeowners are over-mortgaged. Taking on more debt than is manageable can have devastating financial consequences when the economy starts to slow down. Many homeowners would be in dire financial straits if there was even a temporary loss of income in the home. Making the investment in a little house means that you can enjoy a much smaller mortgage payment. An affordable mortgage gives you more flexibility with your budget and the freedom to spend your disposable income on things that the whole family can enjoy, like travel vacations.

Simpler Lifestyle

Over 40% of Americans suffer from anxiety and depression. These issues are often caused by the overwhelming nature of our modern lifestyles. Downsizing to a little house can help to alleviate financial stress and allow you to focus on the things in life that you enjoy. Being able to reduce your workload because you have a mortgage that is more affordable can relieve stress and let you concentrate on the things that are more important in your life.

The trend towards smaller homes is one that is quickly gathering popularity. A little home can give you more financial freedom, reduce your environmental footprint, and allow you to live a simpler lifestyle.

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