If you’re looking to create the perfect “man’s haven” in your home, you’ll want to incorporate these design schemes. Whether you’re updating a current room or creating one from scratch, whether you’re making your own cave or you’re a caring wife looking to thank your husband for all of his hard work, making the most of a small space and incorporating the manly necessities is probably a lot easier than you think. From color schemes to entertainment options, you’ll find all the details you need to make sure your space is exactly as you envisioned.


Handcrafted pieces are the way to go, especially when making the most out of limited floor space. Finding classic, quality pieces that will withstand the test of time is the best way to begin your design overhaul. Sustainable furniture is a simple way to achieve this. Some awesome pieces recycled from reclaimed wagon wheels, fence posts, and even ox carts, and design your room around one of these statement furniture pieces.


You want to make the most of your space, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort in order to do so. If you’re dealing with tiny square footage, avoid bulky furniture and find items that make spatial sense while also providing that plush feeling we all need every once in a while. Whether it’s wall-to-wall bean bags, one perfectly crafter recliner, or the Lovesac pillowsac, for many guys, comfort is key. If this rings true for you, then working your room around your cushioned floor space might be in order.


You’ll want to outfit this space with some entertainment factors. A small wet bar can take advantage of any strangely shaped nooks and crannies and will be the perfect place to set up your scotch, gin, or any other libations that make relaxing at the end of a long day a well-deserved treat. If you’re looking for a way to blow off steam and entertain any guests that might stop in, consider incorporating a statement piece that doubles as an entertainment source, like a high-quality pool table or Vegas-grade poker table.

Color Schemes

One of the easiest ways to transform your space is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Common design schemes for masculine spaces include greys, beiges, and deep blues. Mineral greys tend to be the most modern, and will mesh easily with modern furniture options. These colors also mesh well with today’s popular industrial décor pieces, resulting in a combination that gives a clean, masculine appeal to any space.


Don’t underestimate the power that mirrors can have on a space. While primping in front of a mirror is probably not high on the list of essentials for your man cave, a strategically placed mirror can make a room look and feel much larger. Consider placing a large wall mirror on one side of the room—you’ll be surprised at how expansive your space feels after.

Go Metallic

Modern bachelor pads are embracing the chrome and metallic trend, and a modern-day man cave should incorporate the same. Brass and chrome are easy ways to update the appearance of your room, whether that be through lighting fixtures or a wet bar faucet. If there are cabinets already in the room, replace the handle pulls with bold metals, and wash the cabinets in a deep grey for an eye-catching contrast.

Recruit Some Helpers

If you have kids, let them in on the design fun. Frame some of their artwork in wooden frames with a matte outline for a simple but sentimental look that will decorate any barren walls. Give them some clay to create some well-loved statues that can line your shelves, and surround yourself with reminders of the people you love most in the world, even when you’re taking a break from it.

For the Helpers

If you’re helping your husband or boyfriend create this cave of sorts, be wary of forcing your design ideas upon him. This is meant to be his space after all. Offer suggestions and don’t be upset if he doesn’t take them. Once he’s decorated his room, bring a housewarming gift for him of sorts that can double as decoration.

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