I love biking. Now I need to challenge myself to bike more.
I love biking. Now I need to challenge myself to bike more.

I fizzled out on my 30-day Shred challenge, motivated by Well Heeled Blog. I think I just got bored of the same video; I know my husband was tired of hearing the music over and over again. However, this month I’ve set a goal that I’m pretty sure I can complete: bike to work 2 times a week, totaling 24 miles. Before December, I was very dedicated to riding my bike. But then, the cold, wet weather set in and the slightest cool breeze or dark cloud gave me reason NOT to ride.

Now, with the clear skies and warm temps becoming the norm, I have no good excuse not to ride at least twice a week. Riding on the days I go to school is even more motivating: I don’t have to pay a parking fee! And it’s much easier riding directly to the door, rather than hiking a mile from the parking lot lugging my books on my shoulder. Some benefits I hope to see during this two month challenge:

  • No more tummy bulge. I used to have a six pack. However, after a few too many six packs, that area has become slightly jiggly. My husband is kind enough to say he likes my stomach more now than the earlier version, but I think he’d prefer our stomachs to match :).
  • Stronger legs. Compared to my wimpy upper body, my legs are superior. I recently helped unload a very heavy fountain basin and used my legs to do all the work (i.e. push it out of the back of our car). Since I have little hope of ever achieving super-woman arms, my legs will have to take their place. So,the stronger,the better.
  • Limit the wear and tear on our single vehicle. Last week, we replaced our rear brakes. Luckily, we’re very diligent about car repairs, so only the pads needed replacing. My bike riding will limit the car being used, decreasing the span of time needed for our next set of repairs.
  • My husband won’t feel stranded. As a single car family, when I have the car, my husband feels a little stranded. Since he works at home, he rarely needs to go anywhere on the spur of the moment. However, that doesn’t mean I need to hog the car all week.
  • Save gas. Biking riding is one of the most efficient modes of transportation. I’ve noticed that gas prices are beginning to climb a little. Biking means I won’t have to fill up as frequently.

I’m clearing out my cycle meter tomorrow and will update my progress on my right side bar. Beware, drivers!

Do you use alternative transportation to get to and from work? Do you ride your bike to work or school?


  1. Mr Credit Card Reply

    you have six packs! good for you…get them back…it not only looks good, it is a good sign of health as well (fat levels!!)

  2. Sounds like a win-win to me!!!

    My buddy at work has a biking trail right behind his house, so he’s always telling me how great it is. I wish we had closer trails…

    Perhaps you could blend the 2 activities, maybe a few (sunny and warm) days, do the biking, and then a few times a week do the video?

    Kudos to you for doing something! I’m hoping now that the grass is growing like crazy, mowing will help me get motivated!
    .-= Money Reasons´s last blog ..Are You Tracking Your Cash Flow? You’d Better Be! =-.

    • @Money Reasons- I like the idea of bike trails, unfortunately there isn’t one between my house and work. So street riding it will be! (I mix it up with riding on the sidewalk too, very few people to run into.) As for the video, if I can muster the energy for the video a couple of days, then maybe. I prefer being outside when the weather is nice :).

  3. I ride my bike to work everyday or anytime I want to get somewhere around Honolulu. I’m on it all the time and as a result I’ve become pretty darn lean (if I say so myself) 😉 . Totally a fan, get the endorphins going, save money, and lose weight all at the same time… only drawback is rain and it takes a little longer (depending on traffic). I don’t miss having a car at all!
    .-= Ryan @ Planting Dollars´s last blog ..Three of the Best Blog Posts You’ll Ever Read =-.

    • @Ryan – If I lived in Hawaii, I think I’d completely ditch my car too! What beautiful scenery to look at as you ride, I’m sure it beats the smoggy air I sometimes have to endure. I’m guessing that it may be quicker (I’ve heard Honolulu frequently has traffic jams).

      @Craig Ford – I’m glad this motivated you to begin riding again! Whenever I need motivation, I check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Of course, they are blessed with an amazing bike infrastructure (separated bike lanes, bike traffic lights, intersection safety areas, etc), I’m so jealous!

      @Rainy Day Saver – The last time I was on the East Coast (a couple years ago) I too realized biking there would be difficult. I stayed in NYC and the bike traffic had increased, but the car traffic freaked me out! I thought I would borrow my sister’s bike and take it for a spin in the city, but no way! The cab drivers drive crazy. I can see that riding in snow would be really uncomfortable too.

      @Bucksome – I used to love walking, until I got my bike! I’d walk the neighborhood and walk to Starbucks. However, walking to Starbucks would take 35 minutes and sometimes I needed to hurry back. Now with biking, I make it in 20 minutes flat! So much quicker. As for the 30-day Shred, I started off strong, but lost my enthusiasm. Thanks for your comment, though!

  4. Hey, I just aired up the tires in my bike today. I was thinking I need to ride it more. I used to ride my bike to a couple of meetings a week, but it has been a long time. Perhaps, I need to stop thinking about it and start doing it. Thanks.
    .-= Craig Ford´s last blog ..Passwords Security | How To Safely Store Passwords =-.

  5. I also have a “wimpy upper body” — all my strength is in my legs, too. Hopefully the gym will get me into better shape. I wish I could bike to work, but both my hubby and I work too far away to make that a reality. And our East Coast weather isn’t really ideal for bike riding every day! 😉
    .-= RainyDaySaver´s last blog ..Joining a Gym: Investing in My Health =-.

  6. I don’t think I would ride a bike if I owned one. My favorite exercise is walking. If you ever want to do a 30 day challenge with that, let me know.

    P.S. I think it’s great you called yourself out on the shred challenge. At least you started; I knew from the beginning I would never do it.
    .-= Bucksome´s last blog ..Reducing Health Care Costs =-.

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