A foreclosure is a process where a lender tries to recover a portion of the outstanding mortgage balance from a homeowner who has defaulted on the loan. These houses are usually sold at an auction. Buying a foreclosed home is a great way to buy low. It is important to understand how the process works before you can start investing in such homes. The process of buying a foreclosed home will far much different from the normal process. Some of the differences include;

  • There is only one agent involved
  • You must provide a preapproval letter from the lender to the seller before the offer is accepted
  • There is very little or no room for negotiation
  • You buy the home as-is, meaning you will end up paying for the repairs.

Buy a Foreclosed Home

One upside to this is that many of the houses are vacant, and this makes it easier to move in. Buying a foreclosed home is not as easy as it seems. You will be getting the home at a low price, but there are times when you have to go through a lot of different options and writing a lot of offers in order to get the right home for you. How can you buy a foreclosed home?

* Finding a Real Estate Broker and a Lender:

The first step you will need to take is getting the right people to help you through the process. You need to look for a real estate broker and lender because it makes the process easier and you will be able to get access to more options. When choosing a real estate broker, you should always go with the one who directly works with banks owning foreclosed homes. You will also need to get a preapproval letter from the lender.

You can start by visiting a website that has a database of foreclosed homes. You can also check out local real estate website then filter the results so it just shows homes that have been foreclosed. You may notice that there are some that have an acronym REO. This stands for real estate owned. This shows that the property has been foreclosed and the lender owns it and selling it.

* Get a Broker:

Get a Broker
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The main goal of going through the listings is not to find a house, but it is to find an agent. Many banks will hire real estate brokers to deal with REO properties. In most cases, the buyer will be directly working with the broker from the bank instead of the agent of the buyer. This is done so that there is no splitting the commission between two brokers.

Most of the realtors have a long-term relationship with the banks, and they are able to access listings that are not out yet. You should call them and tell them the listings you are interested in and consider asking them about the listings that might be coming up because it can take a couple of days before a listing can be updated on the database.

* Getting a Pre-approval Letter:

Unless you are going to buy the home on cash, you will need to have a recent preapproval letter from your lender. This letter will be detailing the amount of money you can borrow, and this will be mainly based on the assessment by the lender of your income and credit score. One mistake many buyers make is thinking they have to find the house first before they can start thinking about the financing, but this is not a good idea. Many of the great deals on the houses will go quick, and the buyer might not have enough time to deal with the financing issues after.

* Financing Should Come First:

Another common mistake people make is thinking that the bank selling the home is going to finance the mortgage as part of the deal. This is a very different and separate transaction in their eyes. The bank is trying to get rid of bad assets.

* Look at Comparable Properties Before Making an Offer:

There is no rule to follow when it comes to pricing. You will need to look at comparable properties before you can make your offer. Looking at the current market conditions before making the offer will ensure you make an informed decision. There are times when the bank will price it low, then there will be many offers over list price in a couple of hours. There are also times when the property home is priced too high.

* If the Homes are Selling Fast, ‘Bid the Higher Price’:

Always remember that you are buying the home as is. This means you cannot ask for a discount to cover the repairs. Look how quickly comparable houses are selling. The market conditions will determine how long similar homes are spending on the market.

* Finding Tradespeople to Assess and Repair the Damage:

Repairs are always part and parcel of foreclosed houses, and it helps to know people who will be able to help you with them. Get good tradespeople to assess and repair the damage from pests, leaks, and molds. Just assume that you have to fix the heating and cooling system. This can seem like hard work, but you don’t have to start waiting for the owner to get out of the house.

Cash will be the best way of purchasing a foreclosed home because the sale will be quick. This is because cash will not be subjected to lender requirements, which are usually very strict when it comes to foreclosed houses.

If you are planning to buy foreclosed home so you can sell it at a profit, you will need to do it fast. Maximizing your returns means doing it in the shortest time possible. The longer it stays on the market, then the harder it will be to get a good return on your investment. It is important to invest time and effort in researching and learning more. Once you know the basics, you can learn most of the other things on the way. Having an agent to help you out makes it easy.

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