For many Americans, 2019 got off to a slow start, but it’s already picking up the pace. Can you believe it’s almost summer? Well, ready or not, here it comes! In all honesty, southern California is sunny all year round anyway, but there’s something about the summer season that encourages leisure and invites you to spend more time on your patio. Ideas that can make their rounds in interior design Hollywood circles this summer.

* Front Porch Hanging Swings:

Front Porch for Interior design
Image by: Pixnio

Front porch swings have made a comeback in the past few years, but the look has changed. Out are the wooden benches your grandparents used to love. Now in are the porch swings that look like footless chairs. Sometimes they hang from the beams in the ceiling, while other times there is an accompanying metal structure that holds it up. You may also find them listed as hammock chairs on home improvement websites.

* Wood Designs:

Wood never really goes out of style, but there are often other materials that have their moment in the limelight. These days, however, unpainted wood is back. You can expect to see wooden chairs, wooden lattices and wooden structures used as patio covers. The natural wood grains help for interior design to create an earthy look — which is also in.

* Outdoor Bars:

For many Californians, a bar at home is a must-have. However, rather than work at-home bars into the kitchen or living areas, many are putting these bars outdoors. If you entertain often, this will be a great addition to your patio space. Some homeowners have full concrete and granite-tiled structures built, but you’ll be happy to know that furniture stores have wooden bars on wheels that you can place and remove at your leisure.

Ready to kick off your summer holidays with a patio you never want to leave? JAC’s interior designers in Los Angeles are more than happy to assist you.

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