Managing to keep your flooring spick and span all the time is not a big deal. Only you have to follow our ever useful and stress-free care tips below. The clean floor throughout your home will keep you enchanted afterwards the day long. Here we go.

1.  What if your floors are less in use?

As per recent survey by Bissel, 32% Americans clean their less-in-use house floors after a week’s gap. So, if you also fall in the same lot, it’s not strange. Courtesy to the latest handy tools like efficient floor scrubbers and dryers of various kinds along with a troubleshooting approach, you may keep your house flooring sparkling all the time. Lug your vacuum cleaner or the friendly mop-and-bucket combo from your cabinet once a week and enjoy making your flooring crystal clear.

2.  Always apply a solid approach

No matter you vacuum the flooring once a week, always do it what you mean it. Every onlooker must notice it at once that the floors are ever shining. Remove the accumulated dirt from within the nooks and corners diligently.

3.  Try not to wear your outdoor shoes at home

Outdoor shoes bring along bacteria and other germs to your floors. So, why not apply no-shoe policy while at home. Place a basket holding slippers and skid-free socks at the front door to motivate the members and visitors to follow the policy.

4.  What to do at the entry way?

“The first impression is the last impression” holds very much true when it comes to viewing the entry way of a house. There are no finer feelings than to feel the freshly cleaned tiles under your feet at the entrance or the hallway. You may use some smart steam-boost or any other equipment to make your entry way super clean.

5.  How to clean the living room?

The living room of every house is often filled with tight spaces under the furniture articles, dirt, fallen hair and small splinters of trash, etc. You must reach all the spaces and remove each and every piece of debris, ensuring the look of your lounge with laminate flooring glittering clean. A latest iRobot of a good company can do this trick for you. So, no need to take any stress in this regard.

6.  What about the dining room?

After every meal or other servings, you need to vacuum all the crumbs and litter from and under the table and also wet-mop the floor then and there. A nice looking but not very costly vacuum cleaner will be your good companion in this task.

7.  How to treat the kitchen floor?

Probably the most-in-use part of your house next to living is your kitchen. You have got to address this crucial area with utmost vigilant approach. Pay full attention to the possible perennial trail of crumbs over there because even the smallest of them may invite pests and critters.

8.  The last but not the least

Washrooms and toilets reflect the real level of cleanliness of your house. Pay extra ordinary heed to keep them clean regularly. Use highly efficient detergents and other strongly active disinfecting wipes to wash and clean all the washrooms especially the area around the toilets.


The way you keep your house clean not only shows your aesthetic sense but also ensures your hygiene. Be neat and clean all the time.

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