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Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s also usually one of the most steadfast; gently humming away in the background, day after day, its reliability is never in doubt. We expect it to keep our food fresh and our drinks nice and cool, and most refrigerators manage this, often working for years without ever skipping a beat.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and your refrigerator might already be giving you a few tell-tale signs that it’s reaching the end of its life. Thankfully, even if your fridge is on its way out, you may be able to save it. By purchasing the right parts to fix your fridge, you’ll save time and money on a new appliance. Click the link to find out more.

Wondering if your fridge is dying? Check out these clear signs that your refrigerator is on its way out.

  • Condensation

We can expect a little condensation in our fridges from time to time, however, if the items in your fridge are soaked, cardboard packaging is literally falling away from food packets and your fruit and veg are drenched, then you could have a problem with the temperate setting not working as it should. Excessive condensation in your fridge could also be a sign that the door isn’t closing properly and that the seal is damaged. Thankfully, both these issues are fixable and may not require a replacement appliance.

  • Hot to the touch

While it’s normal for temperature fluctuations to occur when we touch the back of the fridge, excessive amounts of heat and a unit that is quite warm to the touch is an indication that something is wrong. In this case, it could be the coils in the back of the unit. A repair person can quickly replace these for you or purchasing a new fridge could be on the cards, depending on the damage.

  • Your food simply doesn’t keep

Nothing goes off quicker than all that fresh fruit and veg you bought to kick-start your health kick. But if all the food in your fridge is expiring well-before it’s use-by date, or if it’s taking longer than it should for that bottle of wine to reach optimum temperature, then it’s a clear sign that your fridge is on its way out. If your food is spoiling quicker than normal, then your fridge is having issues maintaining the right temperature, it’s also an indication that your fridge is wasting energy, pushing your electric bill up in the process.

  • And finally:

  • Your freezer is more like an iceberg

Freezers are meant to preserve our food and keep things chilled, however, you shouldn’t have to chisel your way through the equivalent of an ice block to reach that bag of frozen chips you want. Most freezers need defrosting from time to time, so defrost your unit and then plug it back in to see if the problem reoccurs. If so, then it’s time for a new freezer.

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