It’s nearing the end of September and when we started the process of building our manufactured home, I thought we’d be moving in about a week or two from now. But what did I know?! That was me being overly optimistic.

I’m not complaining, but the process of finishing it up with the contractors is taking longer than I had hoped. I also didn’t realize that just like with a stick-built home, inspectors have to come out and approve certain steps before the next step can be started. Currently, we’re in the process of getting the garage built.


Our house sat untouched for about 5 weeks as we waited for the city to approve our garage plans. If it wasn’t for Mr. LH, I think we would have still been waiting! He called the city department (Housing and Community Development) to find out the status on our garage plans and was able to give our contractor a head’s up on when he could pick them up. (In the process, we also helped out another soon-to-be homeowner in the community because their garage plans were ready as well.)


He's doing a great job, right?!
He’s doing a great job packing, right?!

At this rate, we’re looking at a very late October or early November move-in date. We can’t nail this down exactly because we’re not sure how many more inspections we might have to go through before we’re given the green light to move in. In the mean time, we’ve been packing like crazy. Mr. LH has already gotten a moving quote and has gone to town on packing up our apartment.

When all is said and done, I’ll have to break down all the costs associated with this purchase and move. It’s definitely adding up quickly!

*Photo credit: Our house with photo taken by a community blogger named Karl.



  1. Money Beagle Reply

    It’s never as simple as it could be but hopefully the inspections prove worthwhile in the end as they are important and should catch things that otherwise might be problematic. We are finding for our house and neighborhood built in the mid to late 1990s that some things could have been done better, and a big part of it is that there was a big building boom going on at the time and there weren’t enough inspectors, so as a result they didn’t catch things that they probably should have. So, even though the delay is frustrating, it could be saving you some trouble down the road.

  2. @Money Beagle – I guess it’s good that inspectors have to come out and check things before they continue onto the next step. Hopefully that will save us headaches in the future!

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