If you come from a country whose weather seems to consist of daily rain and grey skies then you will know all too well the necessity of a cycle garage-port as it were. Rushing to make it under the cover of safety while you have some shred of dryness to your name was my life for almost 10 years.

I’ve seen ones made beautifully out of carved wood and oil-stained to a golden brown that looks like it’s been kissed by the sun, to others that were barely holding it together with broken plastic and metal rails. Either way, they had cover and I needed it. So I was thankful.

When it comes to a cycle parking cover there are a few components to consider when having one installed, some of which we will look at later in this article.

If you’re wondering what a cycle parking cover is, to begin with, you can read more about it here but essentially it’s a designated parking area for your bicycle, where you can store it safely and locket up with a chain and padlock.

So, deciding how to go about the whole process is more simple and straightforward than you might think, let’s dive right in.

What to look for when choosing a car parking cover

The style, size or type of bicycle cover will be determined by the area you intend to have it. If it’s for business offices you will want to look at the various bikes and bicycles that the staff use. Some may come with big mountain bike types and others the latest folding compact versions.

Some u-rails look like half-moon shapes bolted into the ground and then some which are in a wave shape offering not only function with the objective to secure more bikes but look aesthetically pleasing in the surroundings.

You need to consider different height wheel rails to accommodate the wheel thickness and inches, this also allows them to stand sturdier and prevent them from falling over. For ideas to get your creative juices flowing, check out this board of images and see some options to consider.

Others such as bollards, spirals or grids appeal to individual needs and businesses and provide the same facility and amenities. Cycling to work is healthier and, you don’t get stuck in traffic on a daily basis. Win-win.

5 Benefits of cycling

  • Cardiovascular fitness. Getting the heart rate up and pumping increases the oxygen flow in the body and cells and into the muscles. Keeping fit is beneficial to a long-lasting life and overall well-being.
  • De-stress. The wind blowing over your face, hair flicked back and the adrenalin is flowing fast and furious. Cycling to work can help clear your mind and get you mentally ready for the day. Or simply just take your mind off things that might be troubling you.
  • Bones and muscles. These are both strengthened with increased exercise and can aid in more flexibility of the joints and better mobility.
  • Health. With the building up of your well-being, you also build up your immunization. This is a great way in preventing illness or disease.
  • Mood booster. We all know a trip to the gym makes us feel good afterward, the same goes for cycling. The endorphins are raised and this, in turn, boosts your overall morale and helps in depression.

So you’ve arrived at work, you’re feeling on high from whipping through the traffic without a care in the world, the only thing now is, where to put the bicycle? This is more important than we realized.

Time to get a parking rack and soon, but you’re not sure where to begin, then visit this supplier website for quality products you can rely on and the latest designs with modern advances. We all want a safe place to store our bicycles, somewhere we can lock it up and carry on with our day without having to worry about it rusting in the rain or being stolen.

Arriving at a place of business that has accommodated for those opting to cycle to work shows you have taken all employees and modes of transport into consideration.

You have a sense of pride that shines through into all aspects of your brand.

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