Small, compact kitchens can be difficult to work with, but the trick to making them work for you is to make the most of what little space you do have. You might be tempted to forget about investing in your kitchen on the basis that it is barely large enough to boil a kettle in, but with a few simple design hacks, it is perfectly possible to create a fun, stylish space.

Kitchens are always a good investment, even if they are small. In fact, it is better to put more time and thought into designing a compact kitchen because you get more value for money. Anyone can create a fantastic kitchen when space isn’t an issue. It is a lot harder to work with a smaller space, so the end result will be a more interesting room.

Instead of opting for cheap cabinets and budget countertops, go for granite, designer tiles and bespoke cabinets from a top Phoenix company. Yes, the investment up front will be greater, but in the end, your kitchen will last for longer and you will get more pleasure out of it. Your home will also be worth more and easier to market to potential buyers, which is never a bad thing.  So now we have persuaded you on the benefits of revamping a compact kitchen, check out the following design tips for smaller spaces.

Custom Cabinetry

If you are working with a small, quirky space, it might be sensible to pay extra for a carpenter to create some custom cabinetry rather than buying standard kitchen cabinets. This will enable you to make better use of what little space you do have. It will also allow you to create custom storage areas.

Storage is Everything

The key to successful small kitchen designs is to not waste space. Since space is at a premium, you need to make the most of every last inch of it. Kitchens need plenty of storage. Sadly, whilst extensive cupboards are useful in larger rooms, they can make a smaller kitchen feel rather crowded.

Open shelving is a better alternative, particularly in narrow galley kitchens. Instead of fitting ceiling height cabinets, install shelving instead. Wraparound shelving can be used to store plates, cups, glasses, kitchen pots and pans. Curved timber shelves create a nice, fluid look, particularly if your countertop follows similar curved lines.

If you prefer a more contemporary kitchen design, instead of warm timber, opt for stainless steel shelves and granite or marble countertops. These, in conjunction with stainless steel appliances, will work exceptionally well in a smaller kitchen.

Build bookshelves above your countertops if you have a large collection of cookbooks. This will make extra space on the countertops and make the room feel more spacious. Following on with the ‘de-cluttering’ theme, use wall hooks for hanging pans and magnetic strips for storing knives and other metal kitchen implements.

Dining Kitchens

Kitchens work well if you can create a space for people to sit down and eat. Clearly, you won’t have room for a large table and chairs in a small kitchen, but look at the space available and if possible, add a small café table and two chairs to a corner of the room. Alternatively, add bar stools to a breakfast counter and turn your kitchen into a diner.

Another idea for creating extra dining space is to open up your kitchen and living area into an open-plan space. The success of this idea will depend on whether it is feasible to start knocking down walls, but in a modern, contemporary home with smaller rooms, open-plan living often works surprisingly well. You could also add a small garden extension on to your kitchen if it is located at the rear of the house. Once again, the idea of opening up your kitchen and creating a more functional living/dining/cooking space might suit families living in contemporary homes.

White, Light and Bright

Narrow kitchens can be made to feel wider and more spacious with the help of a light, bright color scheme. Use white cabinets, countertops and tiles to create the illusion of depth and space. You don’t even need to go with glacial white: pale greys and pastels will also achieve a similar result. And if you do want to brighten up your small kitchen, try adding a shot of color in the form of flowers, a bowl of inviting fruit, or even an accent wall at the end of the room.

The more effort you put into designing a fantastic kitchen, the more time you will spend in there, so it’s a win-win situation.

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