There are just some things that are more satisfying to do on your own. Painting the exterior or interior walls, installing shelving, or upcycling that old furniture. With that said, there are some things that are never suitable for the DIY route, unless you have the expertise.

And one of those things is repairing your basement. You might be tempted to try and implement a basement repair solution on your own, but you’re most likely to fail. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t try repairing your basement repairs and opt for professional basement repair in St Louis instead.

1-) You’re Not An Expert

Unless you’re currently working for a basement service company, then you are not an expert on these things. You won’t be able to identify any and all potential problems which might be causing moisture or leak problems in your basement.

And although you might be able to seal your basement cracks yourself, you might end up hiding an even bigger issue. By hiring an expert in the field, you can be assured a thorough inspection and get the best results.

2-) Basement Repair Kits Are Not Suitable Solutions

The market offers numerous consumer kits for basement repairs. However, these types of repair kits are actually one-size-fits-all kits, meaning that you will likely end up with the materials that won’t provide the best results for your specific basement problems.

Also, some basement repair jobs require underpinning or pier equipment to level or lift a foundation. Some basement problems may need epoxy injections under high pressure. Others require excavation in order to get to the root area of the issue.

A professional basement repair contractor uses commercial-grade products and special tools as well as standard procedures to seal, repair and fix any damages to your basement and prevent these issues from coming back.

3-) DIY Can Be Costly

DIY Can Be Costly

Repairing your basement yourself might save you extra from hiring other people, but it is actually more expensive in the long run.

As mentioned before, most store-bought basement repair products are not designed to last, plus, they may not be suitable for your specific basement problem. As a result, you will wind up spending more money down the road on more repairs.

It is actually far more economical to just hire the experts from the start and ensuring that your basement repairs are indeed fixed and could last for the long term.

4-) Risk of Injury or Additional Damage

risk of injury or additional damage

There are a hundred different ways that a DIY basement repair project can go wrong. You may end up getting injured or causing more damage to your basement or foundation.

A professional basement repair contractor knows exactly what to do and what not to do thanks to their years of experience. Plus, they have the proper gear and equipment to prevent the risk of injuries.

As the structural element that prevents your house from collapsing, a basement and foundation repair is not something to be DIYed. You don’t want to be repairing your basement wall, only for it to collapse and cause serious injury or worse, death.

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