DIY basement upgrades can be a great way to maximize your home’s appearance. If you want to revitalize your home a little bit, some DIY updates can be a great way to do just that. However, there’s also a point where you need to contact an expert. Here are five DIY basement updates and some tips about when to call a professional.

1. Add Basement Storage

Adding just a little bit of storage can completely change the way you see your basement. Whether you’re looking at basement shelves, plastic tote bins, or cabinet units, basement storage allows you to make sure that everything is in its proper place.

When to Call the Experts: If you don’t have proper drainage systems in your basement, you need to get a professional to come in and install it to avoid flood damage.

2. Paint Your Walls

A single coat of paint is an amazing way to change your basement appearance. Just put down some primer and durable paint, and always remember to maximize your ventilation in the basement.

When to Call the Experts: If you have any existing moisture issues in your basement, you absolutely need to tackle those first. Talk to an expert about a basement waterproofing system.

3. Improve Air Quality in the basement

Improving air quality in the basement can improve air quality throughout the house. It’s possible to find a great dehumidifier and add it to the basement to improve your whole home’s air quality.

When to Call the Experts: Before you install a dehumidifier, you need to make sure it’ll solve the problem. Talk to an expert to see whether you need a dehumidification system.

4. Update Your Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings are often dingy, dated, and gross. If you want a fresher look, find vinyl drop ceiling replacement tiles that slot into your T-bar grid, then install them instead.

When to Call the Experts: If you’ve decided to do anything more than swapping drop ceiling tiles, talk to an expert. Plumbing and electricity often run up there.

5. Add a Window Well Cover

Your basement window needs a window well cover to keep it protected. Purchasing a window well of the appropriate size from your local hardware store will keep your windows protected.

When to Call the Experts: If you’re worried about drainage, especially if you feel like your window is starting to drain water into the basement, talk to a local basement waterproofing expert to stop the problem.


As you can see, basement updates can be a great DIY project, but they can also be difficult and sometimes may extend past your DIY skills. Never be afraid to ask for help from a professional. A professional has the information and the experience necessary to help. As soon as you run into a serious problem, put down your DIY tools and do what you can to get a little bit of help with your DIY fixes.

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