In most relationships, both partners are working and that means two people with two different directives need to set aside time for romance. Everyday, mundane tasks can sometimes get in the way of a candlelit dinner, a night out on the town, or quality time in front of a fireplace. Throw a couple of children into the mix, and romance gets brushed aside indefinitely. So how do you fit romance into your busy schedule while sticking to your budget?

Pencil it In

Scheduling a date night might not sound very romantic to a budding, young couple, but after a years of marriage, responsibilities, and life, sometimes it’s the only way to spend quality time with your partner. Penciling in a date doesn’t have to be a chore or even fall on the same night every week. It might be better to mix it up so your romantic date doesn’t become another routine; one week choose a Friday night, the next time pick a Sunday afternoon. Depending on what you consider “romantic” any day of the week could work and your date can range from a frugal picnic to a budget-conscious dinner.

Try Something New

Think back to those first couple of years in your relationship, when everything was new and you were still exploring each others passions while being passionate. According to research, that feeling of flustered “love” and butterflies naturally disappears over time (if it didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to function in everyday life!) Yet, to keep the romance alive, trying something new in the bedroom might be just what the doctor ordered. And if walking into an adult store is just too embarrassing, there are online choices instead, like Vibrations Direct. You can place the order securely from your home without blushing 5 different shades of red.

Share Your Passion

As two people grow within a relationship, it’s not uncommon that each of you develop your own hobbies. A great way to reconnect is to share your passion for a new hobby or idea with your partner. Like bike riding but your partner isn’t as enthusiastic about it? Plan a bike riding trip your partner will enjoy like adding a picnic in the park or biking around the beach. Enjoy camping but your partner just can’t stand the thought of “roughing” it? Compromise by camping two days with a follow up stay in a hotel or adding plenty of amenities to your campsite that  your partner will appreciate. Combining interests keeps you in the loop and allows you to rediscover your partners passions.

How have you kept the romance alive?