This is part of a blog swap among personal finance bloggers in the Yakezie community.  This month’s topic involves ways to Go Green and saving money while helping the environment.  Be sure to check out my site to learn about other methods to save money. You can see my post at Debt Eye here.

Over the past 40 years, paper consumption has increased over 400%.  Thirty five percent of the total trees that are cut down are used in paper consumption around the world.  –Source. To put this into perspective, a 15 year old tree made into 700 paper grocery bags will be consumed in less than an hour!

Ever heard of e-Fax?

Thanks to innovating technologies, everyone can help put in their fair share to eliminate the use of paper in their household.  There’s no need to print documents and go to Kinkos to fax your document.  Everything can be done in front of your computer.  There are several electronic fax providers online that provides a low cost solution or even allows you to send several faxes per month for free!  All you have to do is convert the file into a PDF file and upload the document and electronically fax it.  There’s no need to print your document, walk it over to the fax machine, feed the paper into the machine, and waste another page of paper as it prints out a confirmation page.

Magazine Subscriptions/Books

Unless you like to collect magazines and books, subscribing to online e-magazines can help reduce paper consumption.  Every year, the United States publishes 359 million magazines and over 2 BILLION books!  You can virtually buy any book you want electronically and read it through your kindle.  Think about how much paper this would save!

Wait, who reads newspapers these days?

If everyone recycled their newspaper, this wouldn’t be an issue.  However, studies show that only 1/10th of Americans recycle their newspaper.  If everyone recycled, we could save 250,000,000 trees each year. To produce each week’s Sunday paper, 500,000 trees must be cut down.  News is delivered instantaneously through the web.  Chances are that you can find out what’s going on in your local community faster by subscribing to your local online newspaper’s website.

What other ways have you reduced consuming paper around the household or in the office?


  1. Although I read a great deal online, I find it difficult to give up the newspaper, magazines and books. It is probably due to my age and longevity using these things. I do recycle so all is not lost. As time goes by, I will probably change.

    • @Krantcents – recycling is great! I haven’t played with the Kindle yet, but I’m hearing great things about it. Maybe that’s my next step.

  2. Tony @ Investorz' Blog Reply

    I read a lot online, but I still prefer to read on paper, because it’s so much more comfortable on the eyes.

    • @Tony – I’d have to agree that reading paper vs. a computer monitor is more comfortable. But I haven’t played with the Kindle or Nook yet and I’m hearing that it’s really easy to read. I might have to go that direction eventually!

  3. Squirrelers Reply

    I cut out newspapers for years now. Print magazines I’ll read if free, otherwise forget it for the most part. Now, faxes I’ve done the old way and efax. That’s one area where I should progress just as I have with print periodicals.

  4. I do use a Kindle a lot. It is very convenient and I can get a book in seconds, literally. I still do magazines and newspaper in paper. Newspaper haven’t made a smooth transiton to the electronic world, at least not the ones I read….

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