It feels like it took forever to finish our house and for all the paperwork to be processed at the end. Looking at my time line, it WAS a long process that we really weren’t prepared for. Sure, we were told it was going to take about 6 months, but that was back in March. So, we thought we’d be in our house by the end of October or early November. Here we are a month after the estimated move date and that month inched by so slowly, it was painful!

We're moving!
We’re moving!

But, I’m happy to report that escrow closed yesterday and we are now scheduling our move date for some time in the next few days. We are slowly taking things over to the house and hope to be spending the night tomorrow at the latest – even though our furniture won’t be there yet.

The only benefit to having to wait so long, but thinking we were moving much sooner, is that all our stuff is already packed! The move should be pretty painless.

I’ll post more photos once we’re settled.



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