- Get your creative juices flowing – Get your creative juices flowing

Visiting family and friends I haven’t seen in a while always broadens my knowledge bank and gives me new ideas to write about, one such idea is I had never heard of this site until my stepbrother casually mentioned that his wife used it to fund an album she wanted to produce. Of course the moment he mentioned this website, my curiosity was piqued; I probed for more information and looked up for myself. Here’s the skinny: is a website where you post your creative projects and ask for donations to fund it. They accept projects that primarily focus on the arts, but also have a few other categories to choose from. Their categories include:

  • Art / Photography
  • Comics / Design
  • Fashion
  • Film & Video
  • Food
  • Games / Technology
  • Music
  • Theater / Dance
  • Writing & Publishing

The project creator determines a budget for their project and if they meet their monetary goal,Β  the donors credit cards are charged. However, if they do not meet their goal by their selected due date, the project is terminated. It’s an all or nothing scenario.

Browsing the up and coming projects a few of them caught my eye such as in the writing and publishing category, Cooking to Get Laid. The title obviously caught my attention! This book project is already 103% funded since there is no limit on the funding amount, just a minimum that must be met set by the project creator. Another project that looked interesting was listed in the food category, Bartertown Diner. An attempt at a vegetarian/vegan diner in Grand Rapids, MI; 91% funded. The snappy names of these projects seem to help draw more attention to them.

Pledge amounts and increments appear to be set by the project creator, but most projects ask for a minimum of $10 and increase by increments of $10, $20, $50 and $100.

Researching this site has inspired my own creativity and made me realize that maybe I want to tackle a few of my ongoing ideas. This could be a terrific platform that could inspire me to get them done!

Do you have projects that could be made possible by