Home improvements can be both an exciting endeavor and an unnerving one at the same time. If you have no budget limits, there are hundreds of ideas you can choose to implement in the space, in all the rooms. But if you’re on a budget, there are a few options you can take. Whatever the reason for getting it upgraded, one of the main things one usually does it, is to add value to the home. If one fine day you decide to sell the house, you should at least get your money’s worth.

In adding value to any home, the most important things you can do are to make changes that will increase the resale value of the home not just for you, but for others as well. Small renovations can cost on average $20,000, while complete overhauls can easily increase that price tag to anywhere between $200,000 to $300,000 and sometimes more. there are a few factors that can affect this, which you can find on any relevant online source for example here.

So, if you are convinced that you’re in the market to improve the value of your home, we have put together a few good ideas for you to pay heed to, which will without a doubt increase the property value by at least 50% if not more. The idea behind these options is to improve on the outside of the home, as this is where typically value-added renovations reside. Let’s dive in.

Adding A Stone Veneer Exterior

Starting with the overall outside areas surrounding the property, enhancing these spaces will bring you a significant ROI (return if investment). Take for example a stone veneer exterior. This man-made composite looks and feels like stone but it is not. You can add this to the flooring throughout the surrounding of the house, to enhance the curb appeal of it. Adds a bit of excitement to the garden areas as well.

Perhaps adding a footpath of the material leading to the front entrance from the garage, or around the flower beds. A few tiles placed in the right places will look incredibly natural and homely. Some statistics state that adding this to a home can increase the ROI by up to 97%.

Adding A Decking Area

Another very popular and highly-rated exterior enhancement idea is to add a wooden deck to either the back yard or the front of the house. Any external or outside improvements to a property, whether big or small, usually add more worth to it than the interior additions.

In any case, adding wood does a lot for a home’s aesthetic and practical appeal. Having a raised wooden deck for a patio would be the best idea to get people to come around and enjoy a barbeque in the great Perth outdoors. Perhaps you can even add a wooden deck surrounded by a hot tub, where family and friends can come together and have a nice relaxing weekend. The return on these can be anywhere from 70% and up, just for the wooden decking. Adding a hot tub can add another 50% on top of the costs.

The size of both the patio and the hot tub or just the patio alone will largely depend on the measurements of the square area and the ones covered by your back or front yard. Add a handrail to it and your good to go.

Adding or Replacing Vinyl Windows Siding

Old windows not just look bad but they add no value to a property they weaken the structure. In upgrading your siding, you improve the functionality and look of the structure altogether. Many people replace old and traditional-looking windows with French windows which are typically large and take up the majority of the outside walls, this brings in natural light inside the home and looks very appealing. This is a value-add renovation idea, that costs a minimal amount and adds a maximum amount of up to 70% on the total value.

With this, you can also add some lovely looking window frames, perhaps in silver or gold, to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Or you can do one better, and get them replaced with some low-energy vinyl windows, which are both energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run, saving you on electricity bills too.

Plus, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, the new windows will help keep the noise out. Something like this can easily be done by any professional and local renovation service in Perth, that offers the services, and can you may even be able to purchase all the products from them or get a good idea of which ones will suit your home and not look out of place.Replacing Vinyl Windows Siding

Adding a New Garage Door

This is one of those fundamental things that just work for any property. If you do nothing else around the outside of the home, just replacing your garage doors with newer sleeker looking one, will do the trick for the whole place. You can get double doors or a single one, and it will look just as good.

Many remodeling sources mention that this alone can help you recoup your entire costs by 100%. Sell your old one to a scrap yard or if it was wooden but old, recycle it and you can use it for firewood or create some artistic project with it. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’re not sure what will. Upgrading these doors doesn’t take much, but what you need to decide on is the type of material to get.

The majority consensus on the best material to pick is wooden doors. This is a classic choice in any home looking for a bit of a luxe look. Some fiberglass doors are made to look like wood, so if that’s a cheaper option for you, go for it.
We hope these 4 ideas on sprucing up your property’s exteriors will help get you the best out of the resale value, guaranteed.

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