Save 10%

Goal: Save 10%

Alrighty, it’s that time again to progress monitor myself, or something like that, to see how I’m doing with my goals so far. To recap, my goals were fairly simple; save money ($6,000 for the year), continue to grow my blog (375 readers daily), and ride my bike (1,000 miles this year). So how am I doing at day 60?


Terrific, if I do say so myself. I’m at 180 miles which if this continues, I’ll be ahead of the 1,000 I projected for at the end of the year. Progress: Ahead of the game.


Starting another blog this year, Bike Lane Living, has sidetracked my progress a bit for this blog. However, with a little help I should be able to meet my goal this year.  Progress: Somewhat on target.

Saving Money

I’m finally back on target, which is a big accomplishment, right?! It helps that I can focus solely on work which makes it a little easier to earn more and therefore save more. Consistently making money has been my roadblock to saving money. But, for the next few months income should be steady and that will help me save $500 a month (which really isn’t impossible.) Progress: Back on Target.

Overall, I’m meeting my goals and have improved since last month. Let this be the recurring theme for the year!

Oh, and I paid off the car! Yeah!

How are your New Year’s goals or resolutions going so far?