Does your tiny home need some big improvements? Not necessarily big in size, but big in importance, rather. If you’ve recently purchased a tiny home, you’re not alone. In fact, demand for tiny homes—which are also known as micro, compact, mini and little houses—is growing. Make your new tiny home your own with these three improvements:

Fence Installation for Your New Tiny Home

There are a few things you should know about fence installation;

* Formal Fencing:

Many tiny homeowners take their homes on the road and park inside the boundaries of RV parks or in the yards of their relatives and friends. But if you’re like the tiny homeowners who also own a slice of land, you may want to consider this improvement. Adding a fence to the perimeter of your property can give your tiny home that “white-picket-fence” feel or establish firm boundaries between neighbors.

Whatever your reason for considering fence installation, there are a few things you should know. Fencing prices vary, and the total cost depends on the type of materials used. For example, chain link fences often start at $13 per foot, and other options, such as vinyl and aluminum fences, cost $30 and $40 per foot respectively. And while you may be thinking you can knock out this project on your own, it’s wise to consider a professional for the installation, as these experts know the tricks to make a fenced level, plumb, and structurally sound.

* Trusted Tires:

Stationary tiny homes need not worry; however, tiny homes on the move, pay attention. Trailer maintenance is key. This includes taking a hard look at your tires and other elements of your tiny home trailer, from the hitch and bearings to the lighting components. If these items aren’t in working order, it could spell disaster for your tiny home.

Before each big trip, you take you should check the tire pressure in all tires and inflate accordingly to the maximum tire pressure listed on the tire’s sidewall. Signs of age like tire tread wear or tire rot should also be assessed and managed before hitting the open road. And you may also want to consider keeping a tire repair kit handy in case of any road bumps along the way. Keeping items like tire patches, a lightweight and portable jack, and a spare tire handy is essential.

* Sensible Stair Storage:

Original blueprints lacking storage space? Finding a place to store all of your items. Even after downsizing, can be tricky when adopting the minimalist tiny home lifestyle. But you can stretch your storage with this genius home improvement project. If you’re seeking additional storage space. Consider this DIY tip from Tiny House Talk. With materials that can be purchased from any home improvement retailer, you can build a set of multipurpose stairs for your tiny home. Inside of these stairs is space to store items, like shoes and other goods. Simply open the stair “lid” to access the hidden compartment.

Adding your personality to your new home and making your tiny home your own is an exciting journey that just about rivals the adventures you’ll take. No matter if you’re a stationary tiny homeowner or a micro house traveler, these three home improvements keep safety and comfort at the forefront so you can continue living the tiny house lifestyle to the fullest.

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