In the past, free gift wrapping was a usual service. Today finding free gift-wrapping services has become difficult. However, a few stores and websites do it for free or at a cost-effective price.

Many department and clothing stores offer free boxes even though they do not offer gift-wrapping. If you do not want to or do not have the time to wrap the gifts yourself, you can inquire at your mall’s visitor center. Many centers offer gift-wrapping services at a reasonable fee and donate the fee to charity.

* Cheap And Free Gift Wrapping:

Note: If you buying a gift online and a gift wrapping option is available at a small fee, then it is a worthy investment to have the gift shipped directly to the recipient. If your order is eligible for free shipping with a fee of $5 for gift-wrapping, then it is more tactical than having the item shipped to you, wrapping the gift and then mailing it.

1.  Amazon:

Amazon Gift Wrapping
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Amazon charges around $3.99 – $5.99 for gift wrapping. This price varies according to the size of your gift. If you buy a heavy item that is not easy to wrap, you receive a reusable festive cloth gift bag. The reusable gift-wrap will come in handy in the future.

2.  Apple:

Apple Gift Wrapping
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Apple’s branded white box and red ribbon are a sight that thrills any individual. The gift-wrap is slightly expensive but the benefit is that you can have a customized personal message engraved on the back of any iPod or I Pad free of charge.

3.  Aveda:

With Aveda gift-wrapping services, you have the alternative of creating a custom wrapped gift. You only need to select three or more items from their best sellers list and you are awarded a free sample, and they wrap your customized gift for free.

4.  Barnes & Noble:

Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping
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In-store gift wrap fundraisers are a common occurrence at Barnes & Noble. Different local charities send volunteers to wrap gifts in exchange for a donation amount that you choose to give. Now you get a perfectly wrapped present while at the same time giving back.

5.  Bobbi Brown:

Gift wrapping at Bobbi Brown is free of charge if you choose to opt for wrapping at the store.

6.  Gap & Banana Republic:

These stores offer complimentary boxes. They also have a gift-wrapping alternative at the price of $6 at Gap and $5 at baby Gap. This premium wrapping services include a personalized message for the intended and wrapped with a ribbon.

7.  JC Penney:

JC Penney offers gift-wrapping services for the affordable price of $4 for online orders. The $4 price tag is inclusive of a silver paper, a white bow, and a personalized message. However, this offer is only limited to items that weigh 5 pounds and less. In-store gift wrappings are charged but the box is complimentary.

8.  L’Occitane:

They offer you the alternative of having your order delivered while wrapped or to have a flat box included in your order.

9.  MAC Cosmetics:

Currently, Mac is providing gift wrapping as a complimentary service but this offer is limited. After the promotion, the gift-wrapping services will return to $4.95.

10.  Nordstrom:

Nordstrom offers three alternatives for its customers: a ready gift box for $5, a gift box kit for $2 or a free 8-12 word personalized gift message. The above offers are applicable for their website. In-store purchasing offers a free gift box kit on the request of the customer.

11.  Origins:

This store provides free gift-wrap services for items purchased. They also offer each individual the chance to wrap the gifts individually or collectively.

12.  Tiffany & Co.

You know it is a gift from Tiffany when you see the classic blue box with a little white ribbon. The gift-wrapping is free at Tiffany.

13.  Von Maur:

This is one of the stores that offer free gift-wrapping services and delivery to any place in the United States.

14.  Wal-Mart:

Of all the stores that charge for gift wrapping, Wal-Mart offers one of the most competitive prices. They charge $3.88 for wrapping an individual item. They provide a blue gift box and a white ribbon. What is more exciting is that gift-wrapping is free for any jewelry purchase.

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