Last year, I came across a website that offered free, small house plans, The Small House Catalog. The owners of the site at that time were building a quaint cottage called the Beekeeper’s Bungalow. Well, they finished building their bungalow and it’s now for sale in Washington. At 795 square feet, it definitely qualifies as small with a terrific interior and carefully chosen exterior details. The only downside to this particular bungalow is that it’s selling for almost $300,000, however there is another guest cottage on the premise. I’m guessing the high price has something to do with the Point Roberts’ location at $391 per square foot and it’s within 400 feet of the beach (if your foot touches the sand or you’re on a mountain with a view, housing is expensive!) If a person were to build this home themselves in a less expensive area, I’m guessing it could be constructed for almost half this amount (or less).

Back to that whole FREE aspect of these house plans; according to their website, they offer the plans for free because they want to promote affordable housing. To retrieve a free house plan, you do have to put in a credit card to download a plan (just a formality of their server), but nothing is charged to the card. They have quite a few free plans available, from tiny, rolling plans to small plans like the Beekeeper.

I personally like the Beekeeper and the Sago plan which are slightly larger than the others.

Would you consider downsizing to a small house?


    • @J. Money – The Beekeeper’s cottage is definitely a cute home, a little pricey, but I guess living on the beach costs money!

  1. Wow I love that home! We are completely fine with our next home being smaller, it all depends on the location and the layout.

  2. Poor Student Reply

    I usually like medium-size homes but the house looks cute! I think it would be perfect for a vacation home, at least for me, but the price isn’t perfect 😀

    • @Poor Student – It really is quite a cute house, but I agree that the price seems a little steep for such a small footprint!

  3. Kalen @ MoneyMiniBlog Reply

    I would love to live in a small house like this. I like the idea of minimalism and tiny houses; however, we have 4 kids, so we can’t live in as small of a house as a smaller family. I really like the design of this home. It looks cozy!

    • @Kalen – Small houses are often adorable, but you’re right – for a larger family, it would probably be too cramped! However, a small house like this could be great for retirement. 😉

  4. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter Reply

    I love it! Free house plans are awesome – usually, they are super expensive. Point Roberts is adorable and it’s the location, not the house, likely that increases the cost. I am sure that guest house will help a LOT.

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