It’s 2019, and we don’t have flying cars, hoverboards, robot housekeepers, or any of the other future technology gadgets presented to us in the movies and cartoons of our youth. What we have instead is a series of personal tech gadgets, the smartphone being the most iconic of all. A number of these inventions are aimed at improving our health and making us safer.

Future Technology Gadgets

The following are five examples:

* Wearable tracker:

wearable tracker
Image by: Pixabay

It’s hard to stick to a diet and exercise routine when you aren’t able to appreciate the results right away. Fitness trackers, which are health devices worn on a person’s non-dominant wrist, monitor the number of steps a person has taken, where their heart rate is at, and how much sleep they’re getting. It helps people to see the benefits of their discipline and hard work more.

* E-cigarette:

E-cigarette future technology gadget
Image by: Pixabay

Short for an electronic cigarette, an e-cigarette helps smokers by providing them with a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products. E-cigs work by heating e-juice – also known as vape juice – to a temperature hot enough to create vapor but not hot enough to burn the liquid. This way, a person can get their nicotine fix without inhaling harmful smoke. What’s more, top vape juice flavors include fruit punch, strawberry milk, and blue raspberry among dozens more, the nicotine content of which can adjust when ordering more. It means over time, and these devices can help smokers not only avoid harmful smoke but wean themselves off of nicotine for good.

* Blood Monitor:

Blood Monitor
Image by: Flickr

More and more people can diagnose with type II diabetes; meanwhile, scores of others are battling high blood pressure. Mobile monitors for checking blood glucose and blood pressure are helping these people to be in more control conditions.

* Medical Alert:

As we get older, our mobility worsens, and the risk of getting hurt in a fall goes up dramatically. Medical alert systems help older folks who live alone to send for help the moment. They find themselves in a situation which could otherwise lead to a slow and agonizing demise.

* Geolocator:

Dementia affects millions of people around the world, as well as those who are looking after their daily needs. One of the most common symptoms of dementia is wandering off. Something that tragically leads to people dying of exposure after straying too deep into the woods. Geolocator technology is helping families of those with dementia worry less about the possibility of meeting this fate. The coordinates can be quickly forward to law enforcement. Who will be able to track down the individual and return them home promptly?

While the future shown to us by the Jetsons and Doc Brown might still be a few decades away, to say the least. We still have plenty of technology to brag about. Much of which is helping people and their loved ones to be healthier and safer.

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